29 July 2007

more atc's for trade

The one with the spider is gone to Ruth, Ireland. It was still hot from the sewing machine when she asked for it:)
The others will be gone soon I expect.


Alison said...

Hi Ati,
I am rather confused.Could you please explain about ATC's and Task weeks. It would help a beginner like myself!!!
Take care,
Alison x

Susan said...

More little beauties! I can understand why they fly out so quickly! I love the spider one, too. I'll bet they are all gone now, 2 days later! One of these days, you are going to be so surprised to find one in the mail from me. =) I bought a deck of cards. That's how close I've gotten. =)

Nina In Norway said...

They are all sooo nice. It would be impossible to choose.

JK said...

Hellloooo lovely lady! How are you darlin? I just can't get over these really adorable ATC's. Will you be doing Christmas cards like this to send out? I love your work and always look forward to seeing what you have been doing.