04 July 2007

more atc's

You maybe think I am hooked to sew those little gifts ;)
I a way that's true.
But also necessary because people ask me to trade one or more and than I have to sew new ones.
The last few days the weather was a bit dull and I sat in my studio and sewed.
I have had a few question about those cards. They are 2,5 x 3,5 inch. The size of a playing card.
First I sew the top as an ordinary crazy block and than I add a backing of muslin and sew a playing-card in between.
On the back I write the name/ number of the card, my name and year.
That's all.



que bonito todo, felicidades.

Susan said...

Yes, I think you might be hooked on making these. It seems like candy - one isn't enough! I really like the one that looks like space, on the bottom. You are so creative, and they are all different.