13 July 2007

received atc's week 28

This week I have sent away atc's but also received nice ones.
The flip-flop shoe is called "carefree summer"and came from Beverley T. from Canada.
The cross stitch Salt was a 'joke' card from my swap friend Lauren, USA.
The Chocolates and credit cards and the fabric with the roses came from Gunnel A. Sweden.
They are all a nice addition to my collection!
you can click on the photo to enlarge.


Nina In Norway said...

All these nice ATC's. Have your counted them?

Nina In Norway said...

By the way. I got your DYB-blocks. They are realy nice. You will get them in one month :o) when I am finished adoring them.

Susan said...

I just love the little flip-flop! That girl who did the cross stitch really does a nice job, too. What fun to have these great things coming in your mail!