10 July 2007

received atc's

Once again I have received beautiful atc's.
The first one is from Roberta, Brazil. It looks like a little book.
The middle from Lorri, Australia.
The right one from Helina, Finland which was in my birthday baggie, I will write more about that later.
The bottom one from Cobi, the Netherlands.
They are all so beautiful made ! And all so different. I like those swaps a lot :))


Gerry said...

Ati, these are just precious. I really like the middle one. How many of these do you have now? It must be dozens.

laplandyellow said...

jij boft maar weer!!! wat ga je er ooit mee doen?

Susan said...

I love those! They are all nice, but Helina's is my favorite. What talents these ladies have. Is your box getting full yet?