05 July 2007

TAST, bullion stitch week 27

I thought the butterfly from 2 weeks ago would like to have some flowers to fly too ;)
It was not easy, this stitch, and I had not easy thread as well.
I have used Lola from Edmar and that is so curly but is has such a nice shine.
So after a fight with the needle, tread and fabric and think I won !
I made it on the coming border for my TAST sampler.


Renea said...

It looks like you got it right to me. It took me a while to master the bullion stitch. Getting the thread to lay even, side by side was a challenge at first.

It looks great!

Micki said...

Your stitches look lovely. You did a wonderful job with them.

Susan said...

It looks great! I'd say you won. =) I made 5 stitches, as a leaf, on one of the postcards. At least I finally made some that really look right! I used the Sassa Lynne thread, and I think I would like something even thicker for this. Maybe.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely work. I love both the graceful vine and the roses.

NormaH said...

Oh Ati, your Bullion stitches and roses are so wonderful. I really need a lot of work with this stitch.

JK said...

Oh my Ati, what can I say? You most definately won and went beyond winning. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! BDE can be a bit of a struggle at first, but once you got that one stitch mastered, think of the possibilites you can add to your CQ!