13 July 2007

TAST week 28, Sheaf stitch

After the bullion stitch from last week, this was a piece of cake ;))
I made two rows on the border for my TAST sampler.
I could not resist the temptation to make little butterflies from the purple stitches.


Waltraud said...

Today I have seen such a wonderful butterfly, white, yellow and little bit red - love your blue butterfly.

Susan said...

The stitching looks great. Love the butterflies! They look very good with the big one there, too.

Micki said...

Nicely done, Ati.

laplandyellow said...

het wordt vast en zeker weer een ,,schattig" deeltje aan het blok. deze steek sla ik zeker op, want vlinders zijn geweldig. knap gedaan!!