27 July 2007

TAST week 30, buttonhole wheel

The buttonhole wheels was something I did before, so it wasn't that difficult.
The purple row of half wheels is on my TAST sampler and on the fabric postcard the wheels began to live their own life ;)
Both are done with perle fine thread from Sassa Lynne.


Susan said...

I'm thinking purple zing on the top one and some Lemon tart and autumn carnival on the bottom? These look great. I love what you did on the postcard. Especially on that fabric. Reminds me of both amusement parks and outer space.

Doreen G said...

Ilove your Buttonhole wheels Atti especially the postcard ones.

Gerry said...

Too funny, Susan. I was going to say that it looks like a roller-coaster to me. Nice work, Ati.

Charlene said...

Very nice, Ati. They're not difficult, but for me the equal/evenness can be a problem! You've done well!