17 July 2007

work on Fairy tale RR block

Here are two photos from what I have made on Leona's block in the Fairy tale RR.
She has the story 'the Wizard of OZ'.
I was the last person to work on the block, so I made the last scene from the movie: the hot-air balloon. I also did the feather stitch seam with the beads and the blue rig-rag underneath.
Also on an empty part a poppy field and the seam above in fly stitch
Now the block flies back to the owner Leona in the USA. She has planned to make a wallhanging out of it for her 18 year old daughter who is a Wizard of Oz fan.


Gerry said...

Ati, I love the balloon! How creative you are. The poppies are too cute. Great idea for that space.

Charlene said...

I'm a Wizard of Oz fan, too, and think you've done a great job - as always!

Susan said...

The balloon is perfect! I love the flowers in the yellow gingham. Seems so Oz-ish. I'm sure Leona's daughter will love whatever is made from the block.

Kate said...

Ati, the balloon is so clever. It looks great!

JK said...

Oooo the ballon is adorable! What creativity there! What can I say, you always out-do yourself in everything. Gorgeous darlin!