11 July 2007

work on RR block

This is the work I did on Christy's block for a RR from the newbies group I am in.
The theme was ''t was the night before Christmas". Even in July I have enjoyed working on this block. I have finished the lower part, all the seams.
No not the mouse, that was Jaki's work!
There are two upper corners left empty for the two ladies who come next and then Christy gets the block back. Good in time before December :)


JK said...

Hello Sweetie! How are you hon? Christy's block is looking fabulous, and as always your work is gorgeous! Isn't it fun to work on holiday things any time of year?

Thanks darlin, for stopping by my blog and all your wonderful words.

Gerry said...

Beautiful needlework, as always. The red lace is very pretty. And the buttons are such a fun touch.

Susan said...

Christy's block looks wonderful. I especially like that button line. =) Love that variegated thread.

inge said...

lovely block!