29 August 2007


I like to share with you a book that I have finished recently. This one was in Dutch because I 've borrowed it from my cousin. The English title is "Thousand splendid suns".
It describes the lives of the women in Afghanistan, special two of them.
I think it is a good book for us western people to read about a glimpse of their lives, which are so different from ours in the western world.
If you like to read, as I do, I would recommend this book.

27 August 2007

DYB rr, my own block.

This is the sixth block. I embellished this one myself. Now I have to sew them together, so that those blocks become a nice wall-hanging.

DYB rr, blocks home.

My DYB RR blocks came home last week. They are beautiful !!
My theme was "A cup of Chinese tea" and all the ladies who have done a block have made something special on it. This block below with the gorgeous embroidery and the crochet lotus flower is made by Cobi from the Netherlands. This block below is done by Helinä from Finland. She has made an applique lotus flower, nice stitching and made the Japanese sign for tea in the lower corner.
This block below is done by Nina, Norway. She made a teapot with lovely stitching and stitched the word tea in three languages.
The block below is done by Susie, GB. She did the nice cherry-blossom buds, a sparkling fan and embellishing with a real pewter teapot.
This block is done by Wilma, the Netherlands. Very lovely stitching and Wilma added a Chinese jar in cross-stitch.
Thank you all very much, I am very happy with the blocks.

25 August 2007

Tast week 34

This week's stitch was the Portuguese stem stitch. It was not difficult to do , but in the narrow curves it was not easy to keep it even. I have used cotton perle 5 DMC and have added a few french knots too. It gives a nice relief if you need that one day.
This is on my TAST sampler, which is growing every week.
Thanks to Sharon B. for the instructions on her blog every week :)

21 August 2007

Fall block

This is the Fall block I have made for the "Season to Season swap" from the CQfor Newbies group I am a member of.
The meaning is that you make a block which is half done with embellishing.
But what is half done? or half naked?
I left it this way and have sent it off to Gerry who is the swap hostess.
She will put all the names of the participants, 32 I believe, in a bowl and then we receive a block from our swap partner to finish.
At the end everyone sent the block back to Gerry and we receive our own block back.
She will host the other seasons as well.
I guess in November there will come a Winter block.

19 August 2007

received atc's week 33

This week I have got two atc's in the mail. The lady in the bathing suit ( paper) from Renske Tip, the Netherlands and the fabric one from Donna Royer, Canada.
Both very nice.

tast week 33

This week's stitch was the scroll stitch.
I have never heard or done that before but is was not difficult.
I guess, with a bit more practise this stitch can be used in many ways.
The inner green circle is made with DMC perle 5 and the outside circle with Sassa Lynne thread perle fine, color Golden rod.
The seam above with hand dyed coton á broder 16 also from Sassa Lynne.

13 August 2007

Dolls for Pat's project.

Those two dolls are for Pat Winter's project. You can read about it here.
The one on the right was 'my doll', made in April.
They are both a bit over 6" high.
I named them Love and Hope.
It was nice to make a friend for my doll ;) and now they both go in the mail tomorrow.
If you will have a larger picture just click on the photo.

12 August 2007

TAST week 32

This are my two pieces for the TAST stitch this week.
On the fabric postcard it is one of the horizontal purple lines.
I didn't have much time to try out other ways to use this stitch, I will do that later.
It gives a nice effect.

11 August 2007

Summer evening

Yesterday evening it was one of those beautiful silent evenings. Almost no wind and a nice temperature.
People were fishing on the ocean at 21.30.
The sun almost went down and the colors are beautiful.
Now it is August it becomes dark in the night again between 23.00 and 04.00.

09 August 2007


The atc's I have made lately. They are all traded now.

07 August 2007

TAST week 31

Last week the Take A Stitch on Tuesday challenge was the cast on stitch.

A new stitch for me. I made a seam treatment on my tast sampler with coton á broder 16 and a flower with perle 5.

On the atc I have used for the cast on stitch perle fine from sassa lynne, color lemon tart.
The atc is made for Alison in GB.

Now up to this week stitch: crested chain, it looks not so easy on Sharon's site :o

Nice Matters Blog Award

I have been awarded the Nice Matters Blog Award by Alison.
Thank you so much Alison.
A new friendship award started by Bella Enchanted.

This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.

I understand that I have to pass it on to 7 others who I feel are deserving of this award.
It is very difficult to chose just seven people but here goes:

06 August 2007

Fairy tale RR

This is my work on Candi's block in the fairytale round robin from the CQ for Newbies group I am in.
Candi's theme is "finding Nemo".
I covered a seam with fancy yarn and feather stitch and the other seam with feather stitch and quart buttonhole wheels to create a sea plant. On the creme part I made an other plant with cast on stitch, bullion knots and french knots.
Four little glass fishes and a brass crab fished out of my 'sea' box.
I made a jelly fish from a shiny button and two kinds of ribbon.
The left part of the block is finished now, there a three more ladies who have to work on this block. It goes in the mail today to the USA.

03 August 2007

No TAST but taste

I didn't have time to stitch much last week. I am behind with the TAST, the Cast on stitch.
There was so much other work to do. The strawberries, raspberries and black currants were ripe all together.
And besides that I have guests, my cousin and her husband are here from the Netherlands. There was no stitching in the evenings but talking :)
I had to make jam from all that fruit. It is much work, but this winter Simon and I have a nice breakfast with homemade brown bread and homemade jam.
No TAST this week, but the TASTE is delicious!
I will catch up next week, I promise!
If you will see this all on large size just click on the photos.