29 August 2007


I like to share with you a book that I have finished recently. This one was in Dutch because I 've borrowed it from my cousin. The English title is "Thousand splendid suns".
It describes the lives of the women in Afghanistan, special two of them.
I think it is a good book for us western people to read about a glimpse of their lives, which are so different from ours in the western world.
If you like to read, as I do, I would recommend this book.


liz said...

Hi Ati, just came across your blog, following links, it's lovely.

Liz (of UKembellisherswap)

LouAnne said...

Ati: I just finished reading the same book! It's amazing and I agree about it's content. I learned a lot and it was very much culture shock to read some parts of it. smiles from California