06 August 2007

Fairy tale RR

This is my work on Candi's block in the fairytale round robin from the CQ for Newbies group I am in.
Candi's theme is "finding Nemo".
I covered a seam with fancy yarn and feather stitch and the other seam with feather stitch and quart buttonhole wheels to create a sea plant. On the creme part I made an other plant with cast on stitch, bullion knots and french knots.
Four little glass fishes and a brass crab fished out of my 'sea' box.
I made a jelly fish from a shiny button and two kinds of ribbon.
The left part of the block is finished now, there a three more ladies who have to work on this block. It goes in the mail today to the USA.


Susan said...

Ati, I love what you did. That jelly fish was such a creative idea! Candi will love it, too.

Alison said...

That is gorgeous Ati!!
I've nominated you for the Nice Matters Award - take a look at my blog for details.
Take care,
Alison x

Gerry said...

Ati, how creative you are. The jelly fish is great! The crab/cancer is really cute, too. You have the neatest charms.

Nina In Norway said...

Oh! You do nice work. I love "krabben". It is beautifull. By the way, did you find Nemo?