03 August 2007

No TAST but taste

I didn't have time to stitch much last week. I am behind with the TAST, the Cast on stitch.
There was so much other work to do. The strawberries, raspberries and black currants were ripe all together.
And besides that I have guests, my cousin and her husband are here from the Netherlands. There was no stitching in the evenings but talking :)
I had to make jam from all that fruit. It is much work, but this winter Simon and I have a nice breakfast with homemade brown bread and homemade jam.
No TAST this week, but the TASTE is delicious!
I will catch up next week, I promise!
If you will see this all on large size just click on the photos.


Lorenza said...

Ati,your jam sounds delicious almost like your embroidery :-)))

Charlene said...

Yummy!! Did you stick a piece of lace in to see what color it would be dyed? :-)

Gerry said...

Ati, your jams look sooooo yummy! I'm drooling over them :-)

Alison said...

The jam does look rather yummy!
Alison x

Doreen G said...

I can't look Ati -I am so jealous.

Susan said...

Oh, Ati, I'm tasting it all the way over here! I love homemade jam, and we have no space to make it or carry it with us. Yum, yum! Enjoy that all winter!

Pat Winter said...

Ati, I am on the next plane!!!My mouth is watering for fresh fruit jam. You are such a tease!! But a sweet one!

Candida said...

Ati, I loved to have your visit at my blog. Thank you for the lovely comments. You jam left me mouth watering! I would cover all your lids with embroidery just to have a spoon full of your jam! lol!