15 October 2007

Spoiled !

Last week when I came home from my trip there was a big yellow envelope in the mail. It was the last part of the Sassa Lynne thread buy from Susan's group.
But as an extra Susan had added much ! DMC floss, silk floss and 2 pieces of velvet and 3 pieces Dupioni silk.
Susan told me that in a shop 'Wall mart' in the USA all DMC were sold out for $0.10 a skein.
Here is a part of what Susan bought on that sale.
It felt like Christmas while I was opening that envelope. All those beautiful colors.
I felt really spoiled !!
Thank you so much Susan, you are a very generous lady!

1 comment:

Susan said...

They do look nice all spread out that way, don't they? =) You deserved it.