15 October 2007

tast week 40 and 41

Above the tast stitch week 40 : Linked double chain stitch. I did a seam with it but it will also be nice in curves, I guess. I will try that the next time I use it. Now I had to catch up with the tast and did only the stitch, to see how it worked out. I have used perle 5.
Above the tast stitch from week 41, Lace border stitch. The first part on the left wasn't good, so I had a better look again on Sharon's site and the right half of the line is how it should look good.
It was a little bit tricky, this stitch, but after a while it was nice to do.
So, on the left side I have created a new stitch myself, it looks like a herringbone scroll stitch. LOL. I have used perle 8, maybe perle 5 would have been better for this stitch.
Anyway I will try it later again.

This is my TAST sampler so far. Isn't it amazing that I have learned about 30 new stitches the past 40 weeks? And 10 more to go! I had to add borders on the piece because I was running out of seams this summer. When the year is over there will be more than 50 different stitches on this piece of CQ.


Charlene said...

What a great piece this is - your stitch sampler. Will you continue working on it, or after this series will you make it into something? A beautiful piece to display or a throw??

Susan said...

I love your stitch sampler! Now, have you found new favorites in the first 40 stitches?