24 October 2007

A thank you card.

When I was on my Dutch tour a few weeks ago I 've got a plastic bag full of fabric scraps , yarn pieces, buttons, sequins and much more from a lady I hardly know.

A few of the fabric scraps have been show pieces in a store. They looked very old, the labels showed that fact, I think around 1930. It was furniture or curtain fabric and very nice.

As a thank you to this lady I made a card from a few bits of this nearly antique fabric.

It's on his way to the Netherlands now. I hope she likes it.
As always you can click on the photo to get a large picture.


Charlene said...

What a nice, thoughtful thing to share - and what a lovely card you have made for her. I'm sure she will be very pleased!

Micki said...

Those fabrics are lovely.

Susan said...

How beautiful! What lovely fabrics, and how nice of her to share them with you. She will love this ATC. How many do you have now? Is that shoebox full yet? =)