30 November 2007

Tast week 48

This week stitch is the Knotted Cable chain stitch.
It is a pretty stitch with a nice relief. I have made it with DMC perle 5.
This is made on my tast sampler.
I think I will use it more often as a seam treatment, one can add a little bead too, in the gap.

Here I found out I can use this stitch as a X-mas tree decoration too :-)
Do you the remember last weeks trees on the felt-card?
I have got so many comments, both on my Flickr page and here, thank you so much.
It is too bad to draw only one person from 30 comments, therefore I have decided to send this card to one of the blog comments.
The card from last week goes to one of the Flickr comments: Malla in Finland.
The name that my DH took out of the hat this evening for the blog:
Gunnel Alexsson from Sweden !
Gunnel, this wool/fabric postcard comes to you next week.

27 November 2007

PC and atc swap

In today's mail was a nice surprise.
I almost had forgotten that I did such a swap in the CQI group.
The atc with the crochet fan comes from Cobi, NL.
The atc on the left from Andrea and the black atc with the nice tatting and embroidery
from Jo, NZ.
The postcard comes from Hideko, Japan.
They are all beautiful, thank you ladies for this swap.

new challenge TIF

For the TAST stitchers among you and also for the ones who didn't follow the tast every week I like to tell you that Sharon B will start a new monthly challenge next year.
You can read all about it here:

26 November 2007

comfort doll

Here is the third comfort doll I made for Pat's project.
I forgot to make a photo but Pat was so kind to do that for me.
If you like to make a doll too, see the information HERE.

24 November 2007

Tast week 47, Thorn stitch

Made on my tast sampler. Also a swirl, just to remember myself that this is also possible with this stitch.
Needle-felt with stitches, postcard. Made from a piece of yesterday's felt.
If you will have it in your mailbox, just leave a comment. I'll put all the names and the names from my Flickr-page comments in a hat and take one next week. :-))
You will read here in a week who will receive this postcard.
As always you can click on the photo to get a laaaarge one!

23 November 2007

I took this photo out of my front door at 15.20 today. The weather today inspired me to make a piece of "snow and winter" felt. I think it is a nice background for embroidery.
It is a rather large piece about 40 cm. square. Suitable for cutting up in postcards etc.
What you probably don't see on the photo that I have included some pieces of sparkling fabrics to get 'frost'.

21 November 2007

Nice things in the mail

My embellished Fall block came home. I have sent it away in August, half done ( below) and Carol added all the other items. It is a pretty block. It really looks Fall :)
With the Fall block came a surprise! Gerry, the swap-hostes made for all the participants a scissor fob. Thank you so much Gerry.
Usually the swap-hostes gets many gifts, but this time she gave us all a gift in return.
A very nice gesture!

An other gift came also in the mail. A lovely little silver hand holding a heart.

Pat Winter have sent this to all the ladies who have sent her dolls for the Comfort Doll project.

Thank you Pat!

19 November 2007

Old lace and roses.

Here is my ' Old lace and roses' quilt. About a year ago I started to make one block.
Every time I had nothing else going I have made an other block.
Since this summer I had 9 done and sewed them together and also embroidered the new seams. After that, it hung on the flannel wall waiting for the border.
Now it was time to finish several pieces and this was one of them.
The quilt is 81 cm. or 32 inch square.
The crochet pieces are made by my grandmother (1883-1964).
The tatted item in the lower left corner is made by my aunt ( 1911-1986).
The bobbin-lace pieces are made by me.
Below two detail photos.
As always you can click on the photos to get the large size.

17 November 2007

note-block cover ready

If you remember the piece of needle-felt I made a few weeks ago with my new machine, then you remember also that I would make a gift of it.
I have add some stitches and beads and have made a lining inside with can hold a little note-block and a pen.
The note-block cover or portfolio closes with a button and a piece of ribbon.
When you will see it full screen, just give a click on the photo.

16 November 2007

seasons swap

Here you see two notebook covers I have received from the seasons swap from UK Embellishers group.
The left one is "summer", made by Ann and the right one is "winter" made by Lynne.
Both made from wool and with the embellisher machine.
Thank you both very much.
If you scroll down to the post of November 6th, you can see "Spring" and "Autumn".

14 November 2007


Also I have made a 'healing heart' for one of my online CQ-friends.
She is going trough a hard time, so several members from our group have made such a heart for her. If she wishes, she can sew them together later.

Tast week 46

The TAST stitch this week is the Chain Braid stitch. Well, this is what I have made of it.
Not too nice, I know ;-(
First I made it too wide and did the wrap wrong. The second time it went a bit better but I am not happy with it.
I have used DMC perle 5.
It is not my kind of thing to do this stitch. I think, I better buy braid!
But life has learned me: Never say never.
So, when I need a braid one time and I don't have the right color, I will give it a try again.

tale of the 12 dancing princesses

Here is the block of the 12 dancing princesses. There were 3 ladies who have worked on this block. They have added beautiful things and seam treatments.
Unfortunately, three other ladies of this group got so many health problems, they couldn't do their work.
No big problem, I shall make a few seam treatments and add some items and it will also become a very nice wall-hanging for my granddaughter who loves this story.
Below, the block how it looked when it left my house in January.

Fairy tale blocks home

Here you see the block that came home yesterday. It is the story of the movie: 101 Dalmatians.
All the ladies in this RR have done their best, it is a lovely block.
I have to add a border on it and than it becomes a wall-hanging for my grandson, who likes this story so much.
Below you can see the block how it looked when it left my house in January.

11 November 2007

For my Dutch friends and family:

Sinte Maarten 't is zo koud,
geef me een turfje en wat hout,
geef me een half centje,
ben je m'n beste vrendje
geef me een appel of een peer,
zie je me 't hele jaar niet meer.

oud Sint Maarten liedje.

09 November 2007

TAST week 45

This week's stitch is the Pekinese stitch. The right part is the simple stitch done with thin pink thread and light green wool. The left part is two rows of back-stitch with pink and a shiny perle 5 intertwined.
I was wondering what would happened if I expanded the back-stitches, so I made a third row a little wider, below.
It is an easy stitch to do and you can find it here on Sharon's blog.

07 November 2007

Happy Garden Ladies.

Both my garden ladies quilts are finished. Both have the same size 61x51 cm.
24x20 inch.
They have a sleeve on the back and my name and date. I am happy they are finished.
Making borders is so boring, it kills my creativity.
I have hand quilted the borders in the ditch and tied the patchwork piece.
The borders are made from dupioni silk ( green) and linen ( the purples).
Sorry for the photos, but I had to take them indoors because of the bad weather we have those days. Storm and much rain :(
You can see them large size, just click on the photo.

06 November 2007

received Spring and Autumn

This morning I received a lovely needle book in the mail. It was from the four seasons swap from the UK Embellishers group. This is from Annette, UK. She has made the front page with the embellisher machine.
This atc came two weeks ago, it is Autumn. Lovely colors and stitching, from Amanda, UK.
Thank you both ladies, for those nice items.

05 November 2007

needle felt

A piece of needle felt I made last week with the Janome Expression. It has A4 size.
I will add stitches and maybe some beads on it.
I don't know yet what the end result shall be, but I like to share this with you.
Maybe it will end up as a gift........???

03 November 2007

a few atc's

Here are a three atc's for trading.
I had a few leftovers from the border strip and made atc's of it.
They are for trading on my Flickr photo site.
The one on the right has number 100. So, I have made 100 CQ atc's now.
Besides those I have also made them of wool and paper but CQ is for me the nicest thing to do.