23 November 2007

I took this photo out of my front door at 15.20 today. The weather today inspired me to make a piece of "snow and winter" felt. I think it is a nice background for embroidery.
It is a rather large piece about 40 cm. square. Suitable for cutting up in postcards etc.
What you probably don't see on the photo that I have included some pieces of sparkling fabrics to get 'frost'.


Susan said...

Oh, I love seeing out the front door - you usually take deck pictures! That is a lovely view, too, with the sun setting, just as you said.

The felted piece is beautiful. When I enlarge it, I can see a few sparklies, I think. You are having so much fun with that new machine!

Lorenza said...

The landscape is very inspiring, I have some snow on the hills in front of my house too!

Waltraud said...

A very "frosty" piece - well done!

catharinas-love said...

Hoi Ati , hoe komt het nou dat ik jouw blog net pas heb ontdekt ???
Vind dit een juweeltje !
Alle goeds voor jullie in 2008 daar in Noorwegen van Rini .