17 November 2007

note-block cover ready

If you remember the piece of needle-felt I made a few weeks ago with my new machine, then you remember also that I would make a gift of it.
I have add some stitches and beads and have made a lining inside with can hold a little note-block and a pen.
The note-block cover or portfolio closes with a button and a piece of ribbon.
When you will see it full screen, just give a click on the photo.


Lorenza said...

wow Ati it's beautiful!

Susan said...

Oh, it's much bigger than I imagined when you showed it before. I was thinking it was ATC size then. Is this going off to one of your seasonal swap people - the ones you showed on your blog yesterday?

Waltraud said...

wonderful - well done!

Pat Winter said...

Ati, that is just beautiful. Love the color! What a fun thing to make.

Micki said...

It's beautiful, Ati.

Ribbonwiz said...

well done Ati!
Love the colours, you are making lovely things with your new machine.