31 March 2007

2nd. postcard

My second postcard is going to a family member. She collect cows and purple is her favorite color. I hope she likes it.

30 March 2007

TAST, knotted cretan

This week the knotted cretan was the try stitch. I never did it before. The green one is not as it should be, I did it not the right way.

So, by accident I've made a unknown stitch, and I didn't rip it out.

If you will know more about this stitch , have a look at Sharon's blog.

29 March 2007

My first fabric postcard

My first postcard, for now I will keep this one myself.
My March month was filled with Encrusted CQ with Sharon's lessons.
This card is a reflection from this month.
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

27 March 2007

My two last fairy hearts

This are my two last fairy hearts.
It is time for a new item.
The first one has already found a new home in the Netherlands.

23 March 2007

TAST week 12, couching

This week the stitch is couching ( draad op naaien ).
The first is done on my TAST block, the 2nd. on my Vic. roses block and the 3rd. on the seam that connect my' garden ladies' blocks.

22 March 2007

Hearts for trade

Those hearts are made for a swap group "chains of hearts".
I made them a while ago, but didn't post them here.
Two of them have found a new home already.
The hearts are 6", 15 cm.
Because of the weather I had to take the photos indoors, the colors are much nicer in real.

21 March 2007

ATC cards

A while ago someone asked me to trade an ATC card.
I didn't have them in stock but I like the idea.
I have made 8 ATC the past few days.
The size for this 'card' is 3.5x2.5 inch. 9x6.5 cm.
You have to send them in a envelope.
See how it goes, I am curious what I get in return :))

17 March 2007

Encrusted CQ class block done

Here is my block from this class. I am ready with it. Maybe an other person would have add more on the block but for me it feels good as it is now.
I have added pearls on the lace and the doily and some fashion shoes.
For me, it fits with the lady on the picture. You can click on the photo to enlarge and see the details.
If you will know more about this class, here is the link from Sharon B.

16 March 2007

TAST, up down buttonhole stitch

Here are my up down buttonhole stitches. I never heard of that before but it is nice and easy to do. It has much more possibilities, I shall try that an other time.
It is nice to learn a new stitch now and than. I can use that in the crazy quilt pieces which I make in the future :)

new place for living

And here is where we live now. Towards the west ( which you not see on this photo ) we look to the Atlantic Ocean.
It is a beautiful spot.

15 March 2007

where I grew up.....

Originally uploaded by mjmourik.
For you who doesn't know that I am Dutch, here a picture from the landscape where I grew up...

14 March 2007

Garden Lady 2

The garden lady 2 block is ready. There are many different flowers and many butterflies.
I have to sew the two blocks together now, that will be not so easy with all the embellishments, but I have to do it. And add a border........
You can click on the photo to enlarge.

10 March 2007

Encrusted CQ Class block, step 5

Her is my class block again. I have ripped of the flowers which I made on step 4.
I didn't like them when I looked better. They were to dark.
I have made lighter roses and yellow flowers on the doily, it looks much more friendly to me.
I have sewn on the shiny creme/gold thread and added 3 roses, an old gold? little button and a boot.
The fan in the corner is ready , also the lace fan.
I did some creme/yellow, peach embroidery on the light lace on the right side.
Now it looks not so light anymore.
So far, so good, I think.....
There will come more the next week.
You always can click on the photo to enlarge.

08 March 2007

TAST,barred chain stitch and RR.

The photo above is a try on my stitch sampler.

This week's stitch is the barred chain stitch. I had never heard of that before and never done it either.
But doing this stitch I discovered that it was a good stitch to make a cactus with.
I am in a Fairy tale RR and on of the tales is a Navajo legend who has also desert plants in it.
That's why I made the cactus and covered several seams of course.
You always can click on the photo to enlarge.

05 March 2007

class block, step 4

Here are my plans for the next step. Do something on the white fan, which I have 'dyed' in tea.
Do more with the fan on the upper left side. Do something on the piece of ivory lace on the right side, it is too light. Add more on the doily, but what ???
The 2 next lessons will help I guess :)
There will come more beads, maybe a few more embroidery stitches too.

04 March 2007

Two gifts

Yesterday I have spent my day making this 2 items.
The heart and the 3 inch square block are made for people who suffer with health problems.
The heart is for a very sick little girl in Australia. Maureen will make a quilt for her and applique all the hearts she receives on it.
The 3 inch-er is for a lady in the states, she is collecting them.
I hope it will give them a nice moment in their difficult days.

02 March 2007

TAST, cross stitch

As you can see I did not much with the cross stitch this week. Only one row on my stitch sampler.
But I like to share with you my own cross stitch sampler which I made during the winter '51-'52.
I was 9 years old.......

01 March 2007

Garden lady 2 in progress

This will become Garden Lady 2.
Most of the fabrics in this block have I got from my swap sister Anne.
I work on it beside the peach class block. In fact I do 2 blocks in the Encrusted CQ class from Sharon. Today I have changed a piece of lace in the upper left corner.
There was an other piece but I got this beautiful lace butterfly from my cq friend Susan, it fits so well in the corner, I think.
The last two days I have worked on the flower spray on the right side. At the moment I embroider wisteria flowers with silk floss, 2 strands. the needle is still there :)
A few seams need more, I shall see what I 'll do with that........
You can click on the photo to enlarge.