29 July 2007

more atc's for trade

The one with the spider is gone to Ruth, Ireland. It was still hot from the sewing machine when she asked for it:)
The others will be gone soon I expect.

received atc's week 30

Those are the atc's I have received last week. The two at the top from my friend Margreet in the Netherlands, she has just started to make them and has opened a Flickr site to trade them.
The left one below is a special technique from Vicki , USA and the right one from Ruth, Ireland.
I still have new ones to make for trading, there are so much nice atc's to get, it becomes an addiction ;))

atc's , all traded

Here are a few atc's I have made lately.
They are all traded now.
They fly away as soon as they are on my Flickr site.

27 July 2007

TAST week 30, buttonhole wheel

The buttonhole wheels was something I did before, so it wasn't that difficult.
The purple row of half wheels is on my TAST sampler and on the fabric postcard the wheels began to live their own life ;)
Both are done with perle fine thread from Sassa Lynne.

24 July 2007

DYB rr. Block for Helina

This is the block I have embellished for Helina. Her theme is "purple".
I have made it as purple as possible. A little green for the branches and the leaves.
The butterfly is painted with Ozecraft.
Now all Helina's blocks fly home to Finland. She has to do the 6th block herself.

22 July 2007

atc's received in week 29

Those very special and beautiful atc's came in the mail last week.
The left one is made with oil pastel and crystal glaze, made by Janet D in the UK.
The right one is made with wax by Carla T in the USA.
This are real pieces of art and treasures in my collection.

Birthday gifts

Yesterday I have celebrated my 65th birthday.
Here are my gifts, never in my whole life I have got so many gifts on my birthday!!
All the birthday baggies from the Newbies group and the CQ Around the world group.
Gifts from my daughters, grandchildren and my cousin and her husband.
It was a wonderful day with nice sunny weather and a barbecue in the evening.
Click on the photo for a larger picture.

19 July 2007

tast week 29, arrowhead stitch

An other piece of cake this week. The arrowhead stitch. However it is difficult to get them nice and even on a seam. They are both on my tast sampler, the first one done with Sassa Lynne perle fine, color autumn carnival.
The second one, the first row with perle fine and the second row with perle metallic 5, both from Sassa Lynne threads.

17 July 2007

work on Fairy tale RR block

Here are two photos from what I have made on Leona's block in the Fairy tale RR.
She has the story 'the Wizard of OZ'.
I was the last person to work on the block, so I made the last scene from the movie: the hot-air balloon. I also did the feather stitch seam with the beads and the blue rig-rag underneath.
Also on an empty part a poppy field and the seam above in fly stitch
Now the block flies back to the owner Leona in the USA. She has planned to make a wallhanging out of it for her 18 year old daughter who is a Wizard of Oz fan.

13 July 2007

TAST week 28, Sheaf stitch

After the bullion stitch from last week, this was a piece of cake ;))
I made two rows on the border for my TAST sampler.
I could not resist the temptation to make little butterflies from the purple stitches.

received atc's week 28

This week I have sent away atc's but also received nice ones.
The flip-flop shoe is called "carefree summer"and came from Beverley T. from Canada.
The cross stitch Salt was a 'joke' card from my swap friend Lauren, USA.
The Chocolates and credit cards and the fabric with the roses came from Gunnel A. Sweden.
They are all a nice addition to my collection!
you can click on the photo to enlarge.

12 July 2007

Made some atc's for trade.

The last two days I made some atc's again. Maybe you won't believe it, but when I put them on my Flickr page yesterday, three of them where spoken for within a day!
I have only the first one left now and the others are on their way to the USA and Brazil.
You will see in a while what I got back :)
You can click on the photos to enlarge.

11 July 2007

work on RR block

This is the work I did on Christy's block for a RR from the newbies group I am in.
The theme was ''t was the night before Christmas". Even in July I have enjoyed working on this block. I have finished the lower part, all the seams.
No not the mouse, that was Jaki's work!
There are two upper corners left empty for the two ladies who come next and then Christy gets the block back. Good in time before December :)

10 July 2007

received atc's

Once again I have received beautiful atc's.
The first one is from Roberta, Brazil. It looks like a little book.
The middle from Lorri, Australia.
The right one from Helina, Finland which was in my birthday baggie, I will write more about that later.
The bottom one from Cobi, the Netherlands.
They are all so beautiful made ! And all so different. I like those swaps a lot :))

07 July 2007

DYB -RR, block for Cobi.

This is a 6 inch block for a DYB round robin I am in.
Cobi has the theme "Jugendstil". It is not the easiest theme I did, but it was a challenge to do something with it.

Hearts for trade

In the past weeks I have made a few hearts for swapping in the Chains of Hearts group.
It was along time ago I 've made hearts.
I think it is time to start swapping again :)

06 July 2007

received atc's.

last week and this week I have received those beautiful atc's.
from left to right: from Sharon Schmiedel, USA. from Ruth Wade, Ireland. from Janny Loddema, the Netherlands. the bottom one from Laurence Mathieu, France.
They are all very special, thank you ladies!
You can click on the photo to get a large version.

05 July 2007

TAST, bullion stitch week 27

I thought the butterfly from 2 weeks ago would like to have some flowers to fly too ;)
It was not easy, this stitch, and I had not easy thread as well.
I have used Lola from Edmar and that is so curly but is has such a nice shine.
So after a fight with the needle, tread and fabric and think I won !
I made it on the coming border for my TAST sampler.

04 July 2007

more atc's

You maybe think I am hooked to sew those little gifts ;)
I a way that's true.
But also necessary because people ask me to trade one or more and than I have to sew new ones.
The last few days the weather was a bit dull and I sat in my studio and sewed.
I have had a few question about those cards. They are 2,5 x 3,5 inch. The size of a playing card.
First I sew the top as an ordinary crazy block and than I add a backing of muslin and sew a playing-card in between.
On the back I write the name/ number of the card, my name and year.
That's all.