29 January 2008

Encrusted RR step two

This is a photo from the block when it arrived at my home. Below the block how it is now. I had to do step two of this RR. Step two is to extend the basic stitches. NOT sre or beads or buttons, that is step 3 and 4. I did a little bit sre but I could easily give the climbing tree leaves and flowers. And make a flowering meadow in the lower left corner. But alas, it was not my turn to do the beads and flowers on this block. Maybe on the next block what comes to me :)

27 January 2008

Naked blocks

This block is made from the first swap baggie 2008 which I have received from Hideko.
The ciggy is sewn on and the rest is pinned. It is not sure if all the things are on the same place when the block is ready. The piece of broad lace in the upper left corner and the piece right from the ciggy are both antique and are a gift from Margreet. The size is 14 inch square.

This block is build round a piece of old cross-stitch which I have got from Malla. I have used old looking fabrics and will put the print with the stitching girl on the block. This size is also 14 inch.
I have been busy sewn blocks the past week. All the blocks for the woolen lap-quilt are sewn now. I was anxious if I had enough fabric from the blouses, but it went fine. Now, the embroidery can continue when I have time left............ When the quilt becomes ready, the size will be about 120 cm square.

You don't want to see the mess in my sewingroom now, especially the floor ;-))

Don't forget to click on the photos for a laaaaarge version.

26 January 2008

fabric postcards

Here are two fabric postcards made for a postcard swap. They fly to the USA now.
I had to put them in a envelope because of the beads.

21 January 2008

Detail RR block

This is a detail of a RR block. The block belongs to Gerry K. She wrote to me that she sewed the block with in her mind: the Moulin Rouge, Toulouse L'Autrec, Paris 1900.
So I gave this sensual lady the scent of red roses and jasmine. Also a perfume bottle.
Suddenly there came a spider and his web to bring her luck ;)
The beads on and around the picture are done by an other member.
As always you can click on the photo to see it large.

20 January 2008

atc's for a swap

Here are 5 of the eight atc's I have sent to a group for an atc swap.
The hostess will send me also eight in return.
It is fun to make atc's, they are small an don't take much time.
It is also nice to see an other person's work in real, what is mostly impossible with large items unless you are in a RR and see other's work on your block.

13 January 2008

TIF challenge January finished

Those are the two sides of the first page of my fabric journal what I intend to make from the TIF challenge. If you scroll down a bit you can read about the reason why I chose this photo. The colors are the colors for the January challenge to work with.
At this moment I have no idea how to bind the pages together at the end of the year, but I will find a solution how to do that later.
The page is 20 cm square, 8 inch.
You can click on the photo to see them Large.

12 January 2008

Encrusted RR

This is a RR block for a "Encrusted" RR . It came 'naked' in my house.
I did step 1: cover all the seams with basic stitches and add lace and braids.
Now it goes to the next person in this RR who has to extend the seams I did.
The third person has to add SRE , and an embroidery or lace item.
The fourth has to add beads and buttons and the fifth in this RR should do the finishing touch.
The size is 12 inch, 30 cm square.

Surprise in my mailbox

This is the outside from a hussif/needlebook what I have got from Anne from France.

She was my swap sister in 2007 in a little yahoo group.

Anne's work is fantastic, she is a needlework artist. When she finished this needlebook for me , she wrote: why can't I make something simple, this doesn't look like a needlebook, it is more an evening purse!

Well, Anne, I think you are so talented to make beautiful things, that when you leave it simple, it feels unfinished for you!

I am happy that you made it for me, I will use it an enjoy your gorgeous work every day.

Thank you so much!

Below a photo of the inside with several pockets.

Don't forget to click on the outside photo to see it large!!

More of Anne's work is HERE on her Flickr page.

11 January 2008

Nice letter in the mailbox.

Today I got such a nice mail in the mailbox. It came from Malla from Finland.
She sent me her 'first ever' atc!
A nice letter and a quarter of an old cross stitch piece what she made for 30 years ago.
She is cutting up old doilies ect. and I got a part.
It will appear in a 'old fashion' cq block some day.
Thank you very much for you generosity Malla.

08 January 2008

TIF challenge.....

I couldn't help it but before the fabric square the wool came first. It just popped out of the embellisher .LOL
Two colors purple wool and two colors green. Some of the threads I punched with the machine and some I have stitched down. A few beads and sequins, the block almost made itself.
It is 8 ", 20 cm. square.
Now up to the fabric page which is in my head.
If you like to see it full screen, just give a click on the photo.

07 January 2008


Look what I 've got in the mail last week. Six inchies from Lise from Oslo.

We did a private swap. She asked on her blog who was interested and I said: yes.

I made those six inchies below for her from leftovers from the season swap pieces.

To be honest, inchies are not what I like to do, they are too small for me :)

06 January 2008

Award :)

This award I have got from Susan and Hideko. Thank you very much.

The awards rules are to“Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland!

Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Here is my List of Blogs that make me happy and Make My Day.

Susan and Hideko, but also 10 new ones, here we go:

Waltraud, Lise, Julia, Doreen, Micki, Lorenza, Jo, Candi, Sharon and Elizabeth.

It would be easy find another 10, but for now this will do :)

05 January 2008


Those are clothes which I wore in the early '80. Very fine quality of wool fabric for the two blouses ( magenta and deep blue) and the purple dress. A black and checkered skirt.
I never have thrown away those clothes because of the good quality and the colors I love.
Now the time has come to cut them up and make a crazy lap-quilt of it.
I promised myself in the new year that I can sit and stitch a seam every day. I like to do that very much, because it is so relaxing.
It will be a WISP project ( Work In Slow Progress).
I shall label this work with 'wisp'.
I have sewn several blocks now and have started with a corner block. It is 8 ", 20 cm. square.
I used Sassa Lynne perle fine for all the seams.

03 January 2008

take it further challenge, continue

This challenge is a real challenge to me. New material, colors scheme I never would have chosen myself. I keep a journal what I am doing .
The first concept is to choose some you admire or who you look up to. The other choice is the color scheme.
The person who I admire at the moment is my DH. He has had a knee replacement November 1st and since he came home he is training every day to get the knee flexible again.
This requires much perseverance, courage and patient.
Normally he is a person who does everything quick but this is a slow process.
Of course I could have chosen a famous person, a flower, animal or a nice building.
But I made my choice :)
The second thing I did was enlarge the photo, cut it up and draw a mandala with the January colors from the palette. I am not very happy with it.
This are not my colors as I said before.
Third: the fabric from my stash, or maybe I take wool and threads to do something with.
There are 28 days to go in January ....... ;)

01 January 2008


A new start in a new year.
This afternoon I saw the challenge TIF on Sharon's blog.
It is really a challenge for me, you have the choice between two things this month OR do them both OR combine those to items.

Than I have given myself a new challenge too.
In the Fiber and Stitch group ( yes from the online magazine) was an item about choose one word as a goal for the new year.
Well after thinking about it in a few days there was one word which came up all the time, the word is CHOICE.

For me it is often difficult to choose, there are so many interesting things I like to try, there are so many things I like to do.........and always too less hours in a day.
So, I have to make a choice and I like to make a choice too.
I think it will make a lot of things easier if I say to myself choose!
So, I have chosen to combine those two challenges and wave the word choice into the TIF challenge to remind me this year that I can make choices and have to make choices.

I like to try new techniques, new color combination, new material.
Also I shall continue with my crazy quilting, it is so relaxing to sit and stitch.
And I love to be involved in a few RR with CQ blocks.
We shall see at the end of the year what I have done, using the choice I made today :-)