01 January 2008


A new start in a new year.
This afternoon I saw the challenge TIF on Sharon's blog.
It is really a challenge for me, you have the choice between two things this month OR do them both OR combine those to items.

Than I have given myself a new challenge too.
In the Fiber and Stitch group ( yes from the online magazine) was an item about choose one word as a goal for the new year.
Well after thinking about it in a few days there was one word which came up all the time, the word is CHOICE.

For me it is often difficult to choose, there are so many interesting things I like to try, there are so many things I like to do.........and always too less hours in a day.
So, I have to make a choice and I like to make a choice too.
I think it will make a lot of things easier if I say to myself choose!
So, I have chosen to combine those two challenges and wave the word choice into the TIF challenge to remind me this year that I can make choices and have to make choices.

I like to try new techniques, new color combination, new material.
Also I shall continue with my crazy quilting, it is so relaxing to sit and stitch.
And I love to be involved in a few RR with CQ blocks.
We shall see at the end of the year what I have done, using the choice I made today :-)


Quilt Pixie said...

great word to choose to focus on this year. Good luck!

Susan said...

I like the way you've approached this, Ati! I should think about that word, too. I'm really putting on the blinders this year, to focus on the Moms blocks. Maybe my word is Focus. =) I'm just saying no to side trips along the way . . . mostly. =)

Judy S. said...

Great idea Ati! I have a hard time choosing, too, because I also like to do many kinds of handwork. My stashes in each variety are getting way too huge, so I need to make good choices and, as Susan said, focus!

Happy New Year! I love looking at your beautiful stitching!

Judy S.

Guzzisue said...

Hi, good luck with TIF, I suspect it will keep us all very busy. I still chosen a word for this year, still thinking about it :)