12 January 2008

Encrusted RR

This is a RR block for a "Encrusted" RR . It came 'naked' in my house.
I did step 1: cover all the seams with basic stitches and add lace and braids.
Now it goes to the next person in this RR who has to extend the seams I did.
The third person has to add SRE , and an embroidery or lace item.
The fourth has to add beads and buttons and the fifth in this RR should do the finishing touch.
The size is 12 inch, 30 cm square.


david santos said...

Nice posting, Ati.Thank you.
have a good weekend

Charlene said...

What a beautiful job you have done to begin the road to encrusted. The others will have a lovely backgrond on which to build.

Charlene said...

You've been nominated for the Make My Day award!

Susan said...

I love these RR rules. Maybe that's how I'll set up my next one. It sounds like fun. So next block, you have to extend the basic seams? You are so excellent at that! This is a really pretty block, too. I love the colors the person making it used.

katrien said...

Hi, you did very nice work on this block.

Rose Anne B said...

Ati I love this idea of an "encrusted" RR. AWESOME, do you mind if I use it for an activity in the CQ group I moderate?

Rose Anne B

Malla said...

It is amazing how even your stitches are! Great work.