03 January 2008

take it further challenge, continue

This challenge is a real challenge to me. New material, colors scheme I never would have chosen myself. I keep a journal what I am doing .
The first concept is to choose some you admire or who you look up to. The other choice is the color scheme.
The person who I admire at the moment is my DH. He has had a knee replacement November 1st and since he came home he is training every day to get the knee flexible again.
This requires much perseverance, courage and patient.
Normally he is a person who does everything quick but this is a slow process.
Of course I could have chosen a famous person, a flower, animal or a nice building.
But I made my choice :)
The second thing I did was enlarge the photo, cut it up and draw a mandala with the January colors from the palette. I am not very happy with it.
This are not my colors as I said before.
Third: the fabric from my stash, or maybe I take wool and threads to do something with.
There are 28 days to go in January ....... ;)


Pins and Needles said...

What a great idea you have, of cutting up the photo and rearranging into a mandala like that. Intriguing! I am really looking forward to seeing your progress with it.
Jocelyn in NZ

Waltraud said...

You can be lucky, you know what to do. This challenge makes me think. I don´t know who is my choice, but there are 28 days now...

Jacqui said...

Great start.

Hope you husband's knee continues to progress and that your mandala evolves to level you want it to go.

Quilt Pixie said...

good for you jumping right in and getting started on the challenge.... not a procrastinator in sight.... :-)

Susan said...

I actually like those colors - they are more appealing when I see them in fabrics, rather than squares. =) What a lovely thing that you chose your husband. It does take courage and determination to get through the healing and therapy of this surgery.

Lisa said...

How wonderful to have your husband as inspiration for the challenge. I hope his knee continues to improve.

I love your idea of the mandala; it made a very interesting picture! I'm looking forward to seeing your design.

neki desu said...

i love the photo of your fabric! you 've got something going right there for the challenge.Nice composition and good visual textures.


neki desu

Lynn said...

Ati, I love this, what a great idea, I now have ideas swimming around in my head...Happy New Year.