27 February 2008

Encrusted RR, step 3

This is a 12 "RR block, the block belongs to Emiko, Japan.
Emiko likes pastel colors. The stitching was done by two other ladies and my turn was to add items, sre and so on.
I painted lace items with Ozecraft in pastel colors to fit on this block.
And I have added all the sre and some little stitches with the lace and the sre.
Also the four pink sequin flowers.
No beads and buttons yet, that is work for the fourth lady in the group.
If you like to see it larger, just click on the photo.


Gerry said...

Your contribution to this block is lovely. This RR sounds like so much fun. And what an interesting challenge!

Judy S. said...

Hi Ati,

I love looking at your beautiful work! Your stitching is SO nice. You have very cute grandchildren also!

Hugs from Seattle.

Susan said...

You did some absolutely gorgeous work on this block. Emiko should be very happy when she gets this back. I'm really enjoying seeing this different kind of Round Robin!

Charlene said...

The block is beautiful. Pastels are so delicate, aren't they?