04 February 2008

TIF ideas.

My oldest important memory.
It was on a beautiful sunny morning, probably the first week of May 1945, when my parents took me outside to look at the sky.
Many, many plains flew over the village were I used to live in the Netherlands.
The only thing that could fly in my little world were butterflies and flies. This was totally different, those flies were huge and made a deafening noise.. .. The sky seamed to rumble.
You could see the people in the plains.
My mother told me: they are Tommies. Many, many years I believed the word for a plain was tommy.
Almost 10 years later I realized what I have seen that beautiful morning in May:
British bombers on their way back home after bombing German cities and industry to make an end on the terrible second world war. I was almost 3 years old then.

The first thing what I remember as important in my childhood are very domestic things.

My mother spinning wool on the spinning-wheel and cooking on a wood-stove.

The milk which boiled over the stove and my mother angry and cleaning up that mess.

I remember the smell :(

The odour of sheep wool, hanging in that little kitchen day after day. I still like the odour of unwashed sheep wool.

After the WW 2, there was nothing left in the shops to make clothes of. So, all my clothes were made of homespun, knitted sheep wool. My underwear, socks, dresses, even my bathing-suit! When it became wet, it became twice as large as it was dry ;))

Below a photo of my little sister and me which I will use in a CQ block.


Quilt Pixie said...

smiled at your bathing suit... as a baby boomer I don't have memories from the war, however my mother firmly believed in sewing all my clothes when I was young. She made more then one bathing suit that "stretched" when wet :-) To this day I automatically wear a bathing suit into the bath/shower before going to the pool -- "just to be sure" :-)

Julie said...

Lovely memories Ati. My mum used to make all my clothes when I was young too.

Waltraud said...

It is a great challenge, isn´t it? All these memories, thoughts - I often talk with my friends about our themes!

Karrin Hurd said...

Love that picture of you and your sister!

Jo in NZ said...

Ati, I enjoyed reading your memories, and it struck me, that when you said your mum made all your clothes, that that would be sure fire way to end todays wars. Imagine the chaos if people couldn't access todays modern conviences, with everything ready made. It would be anarchy I am sure! lol

Lise said...

A lovely photo and a lovely story! I'm born a few years later than you, but I remember my first bathing towel - made from a flour bag. One of my grandmothers had embroidered my name on it.
Your kitchen challenge is great!!

Lorenza said...

Ati, I remember the wool bathing suit too, when I was in elementary school, we went to the swimming pool, all the girls suits were in wool: so heavy when they were wet:-)))

Gerry said...

Ati, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It was a lovely story.

Your block will be beautiful as it will come from your heart.

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Ati, so lovely picture!! You and your little sister in the bathing suits sewn by Mum are pretty. Your block must be memorable one.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Oh my! You just brought back an incredibly embarressing moment in my life - - knit bathing suits! But my memory is from the '60s! I had a lined, crocheted bikini. The bottom piece tied front to back with bows on the sides that were sewn so they wouldn't come untied. But in the water, at the beach, the stitches ripped and my suit swam off without me. No one could see as I was under murky water. I yelled to my friends and a guy in the group threw me a towel! I will always appreciate this (then 15 year old) gentleman, who could have exploited my situation, but didn't!

Thanks for the memory!!!!