01 February 2008

TIF challenge February

Today Sharon announced the new Take it further challenge.
This months challenge is a question: some things we are old enough to remember, considering how many things has changed in our life time. What do you remember?
O my, since I read that question thousand things are swirling in my head.
So many memories from 60 years ago.

I will be difficult to focus on one and fit it in the color scheme for this month.


Charlene said...

This looks like a lovely color scheme - that I know you will work wonders on. The thing I seem to notice most are attitudes and morals, and of course technology!

Violette Severin said...

I have a million memories swirling in my head too. 50 years worth, so you've got some on me.

Susan said...

What pretty colors! I know you will find the perfect memories to add.