10 February 2008

TIF February side b

Sharon asked: A. what are you old enough to remember? And B. what has changed in your lifetime?What I wrote in the first post about the TIF challenge: My oldest important memory.
It was on a beautiful sunny morning, probably the first week of May 1945, when my parents took me outside to look at the sky.
Many, many plains flew over the village were I used to live in the Netherlands.
The only thing that could fly in my little world were butterflies and flies.
This was totally different, those flies were huge and made a deafening noise.. .. The sky seamed to rumble.
You could see the people in the plains. My mother told me: they are Tommies.
Many, many years I believed the word for a plain was tommy.
Almost 10 years later I realized what I saw that beautiful morning in May: British bombers on their way back home after bombing German cities and industry to make an end on the terrible second world war.
I was almost 3 years old then.
But what has mankind learned from this war?
Not much I am afraid. After the WW 2, there have been wars.
Korea, Vietnam, Israel, Lebanon, Falkland Islands, Kuwait , Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, etc..
Today in many parts of the world they kill each other.
Why??? Power ? Oil? Gold? Diamonds?
Why can't we live all together on this planet in peace?
* My DH and I have visited Normandy ( France) in 1997. We have been on the beaches and all important places from D-day.
We have been in several museums in the Netherlands. Visit a German concentration camp near the Poland border.
Rows of white marble crosses on the cemeteries all over the world.
I shall never forget the emotions which came to me when I read the dates of birth and dead on those crosses.
So young they all died.
So, sadly enough : in this respect nothing has changed.


Malla said...

Your block is beautiful, even if the incident was frightening for a little girl.

It really is sad that the mankind never ever learns anything from all these terrible wars/battles/revolutions.

molly jean said...

Some of my early memories are of jets and sonic booms and being afraid to play outside in the 50's during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Your quilt is a touching reminder and your blog very thought provoking!

Charlene said...

Such vivid memories from three years old. I,too,hope for peace among peoples, but history does not make it seem favorable...

Lovely work, as always!

Sue in western Washington, USA said...

Beautiful work and touching thoughts. Wish I could visit the lake of your childhood!

Kay said...

A very sobering reminder from a powerful memory.

jude said...

thank you for catching the thought!

Pat said...

We are nearly the same age and I too wonder if man will ever learn.
I love the way you have captured the eyes of a child in this piece.

Angelcat said...

A wonderful thought provoking piece. Although I am not old enough to have experienced this war I have visited Normandy. Like you I was very moved when ready the ages of all those very young men who died.

Susan said...

Power and religion - two big ones. I don't expect it to ever change. Those who want to keep their freedom will always have to shed blood for the privilege, I guess. I love your back, though. How interesting that you remember that from when you were 3!

solje said...

Ati, I am glad I followed your blog link from your flickr site :-) I just read about your memories, and I am moved. I love both sides of your February piece.

Di said...

Your piece is all the more beautiful because it comes from your memories. How true that man never learns. I find it particularly thought provoking as my yountest son goes to Iraq at the end of this month.

red2white said...

Ati, these are both serious and tenter memories. I especially love the sentence about flies and butterflies...

Anonymous said...

Ati, I share your feelings. Although born after the war,people in my hometown Arnhem suffered a lot after the bombing of our "Bridge too far". My father was working for the Army and we had Airborne veterans visiting every year in September and their stories I'll never forget!

Anonymous said...

How powerful a message, especially remembered at 3 years old! I was born 10 years after this, and agree..we haven't learned much, have we?

jacqui said...

Thank you for sharing these memories and reminding us that memories are there for purpose, to live, learn and grow.

Unfortunately, with this war we waging at the moment (the US against everyone else it seems), I fear, we wont learn because our memories are based on something that isn't real to us as it comes along the wire. However, the people we wage this war against, remember only too well.

Beautiful work and a good way to keep that memory alive