06 February 2008

Winter block swap

In today's mail came my winter block home. In one of the groups I am in 'CQforNewbies' we do a season swap. We send out a 8 "bock half done and our swap partner has to finish it.
My partner for this season was Norma Harris, USA, she did a lovely job.
She made two tatted pieces as snowflakes, beautiful!
Below the block how it looked when I sent it away. Thank you Norma!


Katrien said...

je hebt een heel leuk winterblok teruggekregen.Vind het ook leuk om mee te doen.

Karrin Hurd said...

What a beautiful block, Norma did good. Love the tatting!

Waltraud said...

Wonderful "cold" colours and beautiful stiches!

Lynn said...

This is a beautiful block. You and Norma did a terrific job. What are your plans for the block now?

Susan said...

The block is wonderful. I see she added some of her hand-tatted pieces to it for you. How beautiful it all is!