31 March 2008

Cobi's encrusted block done.

This block belongs to Cobi in the Netherlands. It is from a Encrusted RR in the CQI group. Four ladies have worked on this block, Gerry, Leslie, Maire and I. Below the detail what I did on the block. NOT the crochet item, that was done by an other member. I also have padded the silky, because she was so wrinkled.
If you like to see it more than full size and see every detail of this beautiful block, click HERE.

27 March 2008

Encrusted RR block home.

Here you see my "naked" 12 inch block which I have sent away about 5 months ago.
Below that how it came back to my house today.
I am overwhelmed by the work those members of the CQI group have done on my 'garden' block.
I have never seen in real Brazilian embroidery and so many flowers, french knots and beautiful seams.
Cobi, Gerry, Leslie and Maire, Thank you sóóó much !!!!

If you like to see a real "large" photo her is a link, then you see all the beautiful details.

26 March 2008

rusted fabric

A few weeks ago I finished the Fairy-block but I didn't have fabric for a border. I have rusted a piece of simple white cotton with rust ( iron)items, water, vinegar and plenty salt. After four/five days it was ready. Washed it until the vinegar smell was gone, ironed it and made a border. The small border is violet iridescent silk and the contrast between the silk and the matte cotton is nice.

received atc's

Lately I have received the most beautiful and special atc's. Above on the left from Micki, USA and on the right from Bridget, AUS. Nice pieces with handmade items on it.
Below two from Australia, the left one from Doreen and the right one from her granddaughter Ebony.
Thank you all very much for swapping with me.

24 March 2008

totebag for swapbot swap

Two days sewing, result: one totebag. Size 14 inch square.
Two 7 inch CQ blocks and two pieces of fabric. The back is from the same fabric. The lining is violet with an inside pocket. It goes to Aimee in the USA.
If you like to swap things, have a look at Swapbot.

21 March 2008

Spring bag?

Last week I have been stitching on this block. It is pieced from the content of a baggie that I got from a swap-sister last year. It hung on my wall for half a year now and it was time to do something with it. The block is 14 inch square. No sre, because I make a bag from it and sre will fall apart very soon I guess when it get "used'.
When the bag is ready I shall make a new photo.
Today Spring has begun, at least the calendar say so. We have a snow covered garden but the sun is shining today!
That's why I could take this photo outdoors. In real the flower patches are more yellow!

17 March 2008

And more to come........

Oh, the poor crocuses, totally covered with show and more to come the coming days.....

Spring ???????

15 March 2008


Once and a while I make atc's for swapping on my Flickr page.
It is fun to make those little cards and nice to swap and to see what other people make.
I swap not only fiber atc's but get all kind of crafts in return.
When you have a product in your hands it is always nicer than on the screen. Therefore I slowly continue making and swapping those cards.

12 March 2008

Season swap block "Spring".

In the group CQfor Newbies we do a Season to Season swap. You are supposed to do the half block yourself and the swap-partner has to complete the embellishing.
The blocks are 8", 20 cm. This block belongs to Kate.
The block which I reveived last week was made of beautiful silk dupioni fabric, it was my pleasure to embellish it !
Above how it came in my house and below how it left my house this morning.

11 March 2008

12 dancing princesses

Finally the wall-hanging for my granddaughter is ready. Made from a RR block.
I didn't have nice fabric for the border until I found the shoe fabric at Big Horn on sale. Only $3 per yard, lucky me !!
I bought a whole yard and did also the back with the shoe fabric. I have quilted the borders by machine and tied the centre part.
The final size is 19x22 inch, 49x55 cm. Click for a large photo.
It flies to our granddaughter in the Netherlands soon.

Fairy block

A faw weeks ago I finished this fairy block. I liked to wait for a sunny day to take a photo and that was yesterday. It took a long time to finish, because I did so many other things in between.
Now it needs a border but I don't have the right fabric, so, it has to wait a while.
The size is 38cm. 15 inch square.
Just click on the photo for a large picture.

09 March 2008

white on white atc's

Because of cold rainy weather and nothing else to do, I also made today three white on white atc's for a swapbot swap and one for my flickr page swap.

Never did white/ivory on white, but I am very pleased how they turned out :)

TIF challenge March

The TIF challenge of March are those colors and the idea: do you ever notice the little things in life? Sometimes the small things become emblematic for something larger.
I didn't know what to do with this until early this morning. I was awake very early and thought about the swap-blocks I do so often.
Suddenly it came to me that all those tiny stitches we all do on our work become often a nice quilt.
And what also came in my mind was: without doing those stitches I never would have met all of you !! This is really a great thing which comes from the tiny stitches !!
The most important thing so far in my quilt life is the contact with other people, other women. So, this is my March block, I shall make much tiny stitches and keep contact with all of you if possible :-))

08 March 2008

brown bag quilt

About a year ago there was a challenge from the Engelbee quilt group I am a member of.
It was called 'Harmony in the the Chaos' challenge.
We had to sent pieces of fabric, some lace, beads and buttons to the list-mom.
The list-mom mixed up all the things from everyone and sent us a brown bag in return with other scraps and laces etc.
This is what I got.
All the scraps were 6 inch squares and the light piece on the left was a larger piece.
We were expected to sew a quilt about 30 inch square.
It was allowed to use extra fabric from your own stash.
It took a long time before I knew what to do with it.
First I had a plan to sew four 12 inch fans and set them together, but the pieces were too small for the fans.
After that I decide to make 6 inch fans. I have sewn them by hand.
The black fabric in the fan squares was a fat quarter which I got some day from Gerry.
The purple fabric was a fat quarter which I got from Susan some day.
And the black border fabric was a rayon from my stash.
I didn't use all the sequins but on every button are two sequins and three beads.
From the net-curtain I used the edge and dyed it in tea. It is in the right bottom corner.
The other laces are from my stash.
I have quilted by hand and by machine. The quilt is 80 cm. 31 inch square.

07 March 2008

Encrusted RR, step 4

This block belongs to Lorenza.
I did step four: the beading and the button-trail. And two little butterflies. ( I can't help it, they flew out of my sewing box :))
The beads in the fan are added by Jo, who has made the fan.
Now the block goes home.
Below a few details, as always you can click on the photos to get a large picture.

06 March 2008

fabric postcards

Last week I made some fabric postcards for coming birthdays of CQ friends.
You can see them real size by clicking on the photos.

03 March 2008

A gift in the mail...

An hour ago I found a very nice surprise in my mailbox.
The evening purse I won a few weeks ago on Lauri's give-away.
It was my lucky month , I guess :-))
It is a beauty and much larger than I thought it was on the photo.
You really can use it. It has place for a small purse , a hanky , lipstick and a cell phone.
Lauri sells them on her Etsy shop too and they are worth the money, I can tell you.
You can see them HERE also.
Thank you very much Lauri, it is a lovely gift !!

Wilma's give-away ready

This is a photo of the little quilt what I won a few weeks ago from the give-away from Wilma. The quilt was almost ready but needed a binding and some quilting in the border and a sleeve to hang it on the wall in the Easter month.
Now it goes to our grandchildren in the Netherlands very soon !

01 March 2008

TIF challenge March.

The new theme for this month is as Sharon wrote on her blog:

Do you ever notice the little things, the small moments, the details in life? This months challenge is to do just that, pay attention to the tiny details. Sometimes the small things become emblematic for something larger.

Pffffff, not easy at all, that will keep me busy for a while, thinking about it :))
And here are the colors which we are suppose to use.