08 March 2008

brown bag quilt

About a year ago there was a challenge from the Engelbee quilt group I am a member of.
It was called 'Harmony in the the Chaos' challenge.
We had to sent pieces of fabric, some lace, beads and buttons to the list-mom.
The list-mom mixed up all the things from everyone and sent us a brown bag in return with other scraps and laces etc.
This is what I got.
All the scraps were 6 inch squares and the light piece on the left was a larger piece.
We were expected to sew a quilt about 30 inch square.
It was allowed to use extra fabric from your own stash.
It took a long time before I knew what to do with it.
First I had a plan to sew four 12 inch fans and set them together, but the pieces were too small for the fans.
After that I decide to make 6 inch fans. I have sewn them by hand.
The black fabric in the fan squares was a fat quarter which I got some day from Gerry.
The purple fabric was a fat quarter which I got from Susan some day.
And the black border fabric was a rayon from my stash.
I didn't use all the sequins but on every button are two sequins and three beads.
From the net-curtain I used the edge and dyed it in tea. It is in the right bottom corner.
The other laces are from my stash.
I have quilted by hand and by machine. The quilt is 80 cm. 31 inch square.


Jo in NZ said...

Wow Ati, you did a great job with this. It has a very oriental feel to it.

corina said...

It is lovely, so special!

Anonymous said...

You have done a nice lay-out, everything going together perfectly. A real eye candy! Love it and you! Helina

Lauri said...

I love how this turned out. It looks great and you got the colors to blend wonderfully.

Micki said...

It really is lovely. You did a wonderful job as always.

Gerry said...

Ati, I'm so glad that you found a use for the black butterfly fabric. You have done a wonderful job with this piece!

Jon and Wendy said...

Wow!!! So adorable. I love, love all the butterflies. And you did such an adorable job on all the buttons and lace work. Simply beautiful!

Quilty said...

I love your quilt as all your work. I knew you would find a nice way making such a beautiful harmony quilt from the chaos.

Lise said...

As always, beautiful work Ati. I've enjoyed the close up photos, and I love all the details (and I love butterflies!!)

Charlene said...

What a treasure you have made from all that s'trash'. It is beautiful, but I am not at all surprised. All your work is amazing!

crazyQstitcher said...

A lot of time has gone into this wall hanging and was well worth it.
It is wonderful.

I like your TIF idea of small stitches holding friendships together. :-)

Lin Moon said...

Wow - this is wonderful! I think it would be a real challenge to make something from a random selection of fabrics like you did. But you really stepped up to the challenge and outdid yourself! Congrats!

Diane said...

What a beautiful outcome from a real muddle of fabrics.