21 March 2008

Spring bag?

Last week I have been stitching on this block. It is pieced from the content of a baggie that I got from a swap-sister last year. It hung on my wall for half a year now and it was time to do something with it. The block is 14 inch square. No sre, because I make a bag from it and sre will fall apart very soon I guess when it get "used'.
When the bag is ready I shall make a new photo.
Today Spring has begun, at least the calendar say so. We have a snow covered garden but the sun is shining today!
That's why I could take this photo outdoors. In real the flower patches are more yellow!


Gerry said...

This block will make a lovely bag, Ati.

Susan said...

Wow, how beautiful and spring-like. I have already spent several minutes examining everything you did, and will spend more! I love the arches seam, and the one with the little yellow butterflies in it, especially. This will be a great bag!

Micki said...

This is very spring like and so beautiful. Wonderful stitching.

stitchingmyway said...

I like the colors very much! And the stitching! It is going to be a fabulous bag!

Lise said...

This piece will be a beautiful bag, Ati! Is you the one who sent 15cm snow to Oslo?? My wild, blue anemone was blooming - tonight it's covered with snow and it's minus 10!!

crazyQstitcher said...

What a lovely bag this will make. Your seam treatments are all great. I especially like the chain stitch curves.