13 April 2008

Encrusted RR home.

Yesterday my block came home from an Encrusted RR in the CQAW group.
It was sewn by me, embellished by: Lorenza, Italy. Emiko, Japan. Helinä, Finland and Jo, New Zealand.
They did together a wonderful job, Thank you all, it turned out beautiful!
You can see a very large photo HERE.
Below how I have sent it away in December 2007.


Jo in NZ said...

Ati, I am happy your block is home safely. I didn't tell you that the green 'print' fabric in your block was the inspiration for the new colour on my lounge walls. I cut a little off and took it to the paint shop to match it!!

I will send you swap block soon.

Gerry said...

WOW! What a transformation. The block is just beautiful. Sooooo encrusted - love it!

Wendy said...

Oh it is sooo beautiful. You must be so happy. I love it.

katrien said...

Yes your block has got a nice transformation.Very nice work on it.

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful block to get back in spring. It is as cheerful as it is beautiful!

Diane said...

It's glorious! So packed with such interesting and beautiful work.