29 June 2008

Ancient rockcarving and needlefelt

Here is a challenge piece for a Yahoo group I have made today.
I am almost too late but I didn't have access to my studio earlier because of guests we have had the last 3 weeks. My studio is in the basement where also the guests' rooms are.
This piece is based on the photo above of ancient rockcarvings in my neighbourhood.
more here: http://www.arild-hauge.com/helleristngbild.htm
The size is: 6,5x 4". 16,5 x10cm.
I have made it with the embellisher machine.
The material is sheep-fleece and dark red knitting yarn
The little circle is stitched first and thereafter punched. I don't know the meaning of that.
The spiral is common and the other figure are waves.
Those originals are on the west-coast of Norway. There are many of them.


Guzzisue said...

I've just bookmarked the page on rock carvings, wonderful inspiration, will try and get over to see some next time we are in Norway

Lise said...

Wow Ati!! I'm impressed!!

Milliande said...

We were just talking about rockpaintings in our art group ...did not even occur to me to try it with my embellisher---thanks for the inspiration - great work

embellishingexperiments said...

Ati, these are wonderful. What a great idea to use those petroglyphs as design source.
Judi S