02 July 2008

Swapblock "summer".

In the group CQforNewbies we do a season to season swap.
This is the last block what I had to embellish.
Above the block from Mary how it came in my house. We are supposed to embellish the half block before we send it away to our swap-hostes.
Below a photo of how the block looks now.
It is on its way to the States again.
I hope that Mary likes what I have done on her Summer block.


Lise said...

You've done such beautiful work - I've used some time to look at the details! I've never tried crazy quilting, but I will - when the weather is "sewing-weather". I'll have to come back to your blog for inspiration and ideas......

Ann said...

Beautiful work, I love the embroidery you've used. Your needlefelt pictures are wonderful too.

Annie said...

That is so pretty and perfect for the summer theme. I love the little flowers on the basket!

Maddie Can Fly said...

As always Ati, you make such a beautiful block. Mary will be absolutely thrilled when she receives this.