30 August 2008


Today I have got this award from Susan, Thank you very much. It is nice to know that my blog is appreciated by the readers. Now it is my turn to choose 5 blogs.
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs
4. Put links to the blogs.
5.Leave a message for your nominees.
here is my choice:
Cobi, she is a wonderful person and can make almost everything. She also have much fantasy to embellish blocks in RR.
Susan, she makes the most beautiful things!
Emmy, she is an continue source for new idea's.
Judy, she comes up with the most nicest ideas :)
Lisa, a new face in the CQ world, but it looks if she has been there for ages. The most beautiful things come out of her hands!
So, this are my five for now, I could very easy do 5 more, there are so many nice blogs on the net !

26 August 2008

TIF challenge August.

Here is the August TIF challenge. Sharon wrote: I my chaotic and hectic life I often admire people who are able to maintain balance in their lives. What is balance to you? Do you maintain a balanced life? How do you balance aspects of your life? That is the challenge this month - balance.

The TIF challenge in August handled about balance.
In everyone's life is balance a must. Sometimes it is very difficult to find , sometimes easy.
We need balance to raise our children, to handle with conflicts, to keep our life going.
I have tried to find the balance in this CQ-block, the colors Sharon gave us.
The balance between the browns and the blues.
The butterfly is a ready bought one out of a baggie I have got a while ago ;-)
This will be the 8th page in my fabric TIF book.
( the piece which looks more orange on the photo is in real like the color of the palette
( terra-cotta), because it is silk it is difficult to get the right color)

18 August 2008

DYB-RR block

This DYB round robin block is for Lauri in the CQI group. Lauri's theme is "under water".
The block is 15 cm. 6 "square.

09 August 2008

Not much stitching.........

I didn't much stitching lately, there was no time left. Having guests, making blackcurrant jam, strawberry jam, preserving green beans..............and more to come from the kitchen garden!

02 August 2008


One of my favorite flowers in our garden........

01 August 2008

Round Robin Block

This block is from Cobi in the Netherlands. Her theme for this RR is "the violet hour".
The hour where the fairies and other creatures comes to live.
I decided to make 'white wives' on the block. A phenomena in the moors and the lower parts of land in Europe. The time of the day that the mist is floating over the fields.
Here a translated description from wikipedia encyclopedia:
The belief in white wives finds its roots in the Germanic time. ( before the middle ages)
The megalithic monuments were seen as their home. According to the history they almost are dressed in white or grey-white, what would explain the name.
There is also a link with "knowing wives", so called fortune-teller. White wives were also known as the ghosts of witches or of other women who had done evil.
Except in the white wives dolmens they lived in small hills and mounds. They had the entry and exit to their holes there.
At night they came up, slowly floating.
White wives are almost entirely known in Europe.
They are called for example in France 'Dames Blanches'. In the Netherlands are legends about white wives mainly in eastern and northern Netherlands.

Also the spider in its web is present in the violet hour :)
The whole block after work of Jeanne, Debbie, Lauri and me. Now it goes home to Cobi.