01 August 2008

Round Robin Block

This block is from Cobi in the Netherlands. Her theme for this RR is "the violet hour".
The hour where the fairies and other creatures comes to live.
I decided to make 'white wives' on the block. A phenomena in the moors and the lower parts of land in Europe. The time of the day that the mist is floating over the fields.
Here a translated description from wikipedia encyclopedia:
The belief in white wives finds its roots in the Germanic time. ( before the middle ages)
The megalithic monuments were seen as their home. According to the history they almost are dressed in white or grey-white, what would explain the name.
There is also a link with "knowing wives", so called fortune-teller. White wives were also known as the ghosts of witches or of other women who had done evil.
Except in the white wives dolmens they lived in small hills and mounds. They had the entry and exit to their holes there.
At night they came up, slowly floating.
White wives are almost entirely known in Europe.
They are called for example in France 'Dames Blanches'. In the Netherlands are legends about white wives mainly in eastern and northern Netherlands.

Also the spider in its web is present in the violet hour :)
The whole block after work of Jeanne, Debbie, Lauri and me. Now it goes home to Cobi.


Julie said...

So much beautiful work Ati. I have not heard of the violet hour, it looks magical and I will have to learn more about it.

Micki said...

Beautiful work. Love the story of the Violet Hour and the white wives. Your block for Hideko in the previous post is also lovely.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Cobi's block is beautiful and I really love the story of the White Wives. I had never heard of it before. Hugs Judy

Veri said...

I think Cobi will love her block - I would do :-) I especially love the spiderweg - its so cute
greetings - Veri

Maddie Can Fly said...

Ati, thank you for the story of the white wives. I love your spider web -- terrific!

Waltraud said...

Hi Ati, I love this spider in its web,

Toni said...

The "white wave" reminds me of when we were naming our second daughter. We researched her name, Jenna, and one of the sources said it came from Guinevere or Gennavieve, which one of the meanings was white wave or white ghost.

Susan said...

Thanks for the White Wives tale, Ati. Very interesting! I can see where it would have come from in past times of more superstition. You did a great job on that, and I love your spider web, of course!

Your hollyhocks are beautiful!

laplandyellow said...

what a great block in totality, and what a story around this; never heard.

Annie said...

The whole block is beautiful. The white wives was a great idea. I had never heard of them ( of course it says they are a European thing and I'm so non-cosmopolitan. ;-). The violet hours is such a great theme for a block. And your spider is a nice addition as well.

wilma said...

Beautiful block, think Cobi will be very pleased with it. Love the witte wieven!