16 September 2008

On the road....

Tomorrow we will leave for a family visit to the Netherlands. Our youngest daughter and two grandchildren and other family and friends.
It is always on this time of the year we go. Our granddaughter has her birthday in October 1st, and we like to be there on that day.

The Netherlands, the land of the windmills, these are old ones a water mill and a wheat mill.
The Netherlands is flat country and always windy.
Nowadays they also build modern wind mills to get electricity.

See you again in a couple of weeks :-)

12 September 2008

new award

Today I 've got an other award from Gunnel. Thanks a lot Gunnel !
Now I have to choose 7 others but as I wrote a few weeks ago there are so many nice blogs from internet friends. I have seen this award on many blogs already, so, I think it is not wise to let it go round and round again.
But know that I appreciate that you all write and publish photos of your work. I like to read and look at many creative blogs, almost daily ;-0)
That is the reason that I like to give this award to all of you , my friends in Blogger-land!

10 September 2008

Brooch swap

In today's mail came this beautiful brooch made by Joëlle from France. The brooch is about 7cm. diameter. Joëlle added also some nice ribbons. Thank you very much !
In the group Tricia's textile challenge we did a brooch swap last month.
Below the brooch I made from wet-felt, it is 5,5 cm diameter.
I had to sent it to new York, USA.

09 September 2008

Season to season swap: summer

In the 'Crazy quilt for Newbies' group we did a Season to season swap the past year.
We sent a block away half embellished and got a partner who did the rest of the block.
Above how I sent the block away and below how I got it back. Mary Lear ( USA) made a nice 'summer' block for me. Thank you Mary!
If you have the time you can scroll down and see the other 'season' blocks from the whole year swap. We started last year October with autumn.

05 September 2008

Fantasy Round Robin

Today my Dragon block came home from a journey around half the world.
I sewed the naked block and did the basic stitches on the seams.
All embroidery work is done by Cobi, Jeanne, Debbie and Lauri !
Members of the CQI yahoo-group.
This will become a wall-quilt for my grandson ( the dragon-fan )
the size is 14 inch square. 35 cm.

04 September 2008

TIF September

Sharon wrote: This month the topic is lists.
I am a great fan of lists. If I have a trivial thing to remember if I put it on a list that I can attend to it at a suitable time it is out of my head for the moment. If I don’t do that I have an internal demon reminding me constantly not to forget such and such. Constantly remembering it clutters my head. By putting it on a to do list it gets it out of my head and enables me to think of other things. I can forget about it and get on with day thinking about things without constant personal reminders.
Lists can also expose us to new things. For instance lists of books to read can mean you are exposed to a book you might not have read before. The same positive aspect can apply to lists of stitches. A list of stitches can mean you try out a stitch in a way that you normally would not do
Every year my September month is filled with lists. We always go to the Netherlands to visit our daughter and grandchildren and other family and friends. We stay in a holiday cottage and have to bring out own towels and so on.
Also a shopping list for the supermarket on the day we arrive.
A list what we should take with us for friends and what we will buy in the Netherlands.
So, it came in handy that Sharon asked : do you make lists? Yes ,you see, I do!
Without my lists I would go lost this month :-)
It is a kind of CQ block, 20cm. 8"square and will be the 9th page in my fabric book.