12 September 2008

new award

Today I 've got an other award from Gunnel. Thanks a lot Gunnel !
Now I have to choose 7 others but as I wrote a few weeks ago there are so many nice blogs from internet friends. I have seen this award on many blogs already, so, I think it is not wise to let it go round and round again.
But know that I appreciate that you all write and publish photos of your work. I like to read and look at many creative blogs, almost daily ;-0)
That is the reason that I like to give this award to all of you , my friends in Blogger-land!


Veri said...

congratulation :-)
greetings - Veri

T said...

Congratulations Ati on your award. Really nice thought giving it to all your friends on blogger land. I like that. xteresa

Genie said...

Congratulations Ati
Just to say a big thankyou once agian for ATC,