09 September 2008

Season to season swap: summer

In the 'Crazy quilt for Newbies' group we did a Season to season swap the past year.
We sent a block away half embellished and got a partner who did the rest of the block.
Above how I sent the block away and below how I got it back. Mary Lear ( USA) made a nice 'summer' block for me. Thank you Mary!
If you have the time you can scroll down and see the other 'season' blocks from the whole year swap. We started last year October with autumn.


Tricks said...

How beautiful Ati.

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

It's lovely - yes I often scroll down to see and enjoy all your lovely blocks Ati. Thank you for sharing them. Connie.

Veri said...

it is very nice, I love the little dragonfly and your poppy. greetings - Veri