31 October 2008

Gold card

Those days a cold card is flying around in Blogger land.

I got this card form Connie and Tricia. Thank you both very much.

I have to give this card further to my blog followers. I appreciate them all and don't like to make a choice.
You can find them in my side bar.

Thank you all so much for your interest in my work and other adventures :)

29 October 2008

Needle-felt landscape round-robin

Here is a landscape piece made from needlefelt on the embellisher. The owner is Tricia ( GB)
Tricia made a wood landscape and I gave it an Autumn feeling. Autumn is a very colorful time of the year in the woods, so I thought it will be easy to cheer the piece up with a lot of colors.
I was the first person to work on this piece. After me comes Joelle ( France) and Sarah ( USA).
As always you can click on the photo to enlarge.
The original size is about A4. Below the piece how it arrived at my house.

28 October 2008

Her name is Anna

While Violet is on the plain on her way to Finland, Anna arrived today in my house :)
She is very happy to be here and I am happy too. She is a lovely new friend. Thanks Helinä !

26 October 2008

her name is Violet

Dotee doll made for a friend in a private swap. My friend likes purple/violet :-)

19 October 2008

TIF October challenge

This month the challenge is to think about your textile work space.
How do you feel about this space?
What role does it play in your life? Sharon's post is HERE.

My workroom usually is a mess. But I like it that way. I like to have everything around me and grab beads, laces and ribbons out of the boxes when I need that.
I am always happy to be in my workroom, that means: I have time for myself and I can do what I like, play around ( as I did today) or make blocks for round robins or internet friends.
Both very pleasant!
The floor is mostly a mess too. But the colors of treads which were on the floor this morning looked so cheerful to me that I thought to do something with them. Years ago I knitted pieces to make warm slippers. I never finished them. Now I have felted one piece with the embellisher and punched all the thread rests of the floor onto that. It made me smile :0)
On the table also little boxes with private gifts which I have got from friends and I don't use that on blocks which I send away. Now I have sewn those little things on this piece. A sewing machine button, given to me by my grandson, and items from friends.

I didn't use the colors from Sharon this month but the item about my work space.

This block is about 20cm. 8 inch square. So that it will fit in my fabricbook at the end of the year.


18 October 2008

DYB-RR block for Margreet

This is a DYB-RR block that I have embellished for Margreet. The block is 15cm. ( 6 ").
We do this RR in a little group: Crazy quilters Around the World.
Margeet's theme is the song "what a wonderful world".
In this song is the sentence 'I see trees of green and red roses too', so it was obvious for me that I had to make red roses too :-)
The big green 'diamond' was sent with the blocks by Margreet and she asked the participants of this RR to use a diamond on each block.
I have added some other beads too, the diamond only was too lonely.
Now the blocks go to Finland.

17 October 2008

made for a friend

This block ( 8 inch , 20 cm.)and heart (6 inch, 15 cm) are made for Ingrid, USA.
She was so kind to sent me some tiny metal dragonflies and butterflies, so I made a heart and a block for her to say: thank you.
The fairy in the block was sent by Ingrid to me for being a centre piece.
I hope you like it Ing :)

14 October 2008

Landscape RR

This is a naked landscape for a RR in the group Tricia's Textile challenge.
I made it from colored wool fleece with the embellisher machine.
The meaning is that three other ladies do their work and make the landscape 'alive' with flowers etc. The name of my landscape is "summer meadow"and the size is 12x10 inch or 30x25 cm.
Tomorrow it goes in the mail to France.

11 October 2008

something to look at...

No sewing this past week. First unpacking and the dirty clothes in the washing machine.
I hope I can sit in my studio this weekend to do some work on the embellisher.
I have to make a background for a RR with the theme 'landscape'.
The photos above are atc's , 2,5x3,5 inch, which I made a while ago and are all traded.

08 October 2008

Home again

We are home again after a few weeks in the Netherlands. It was very nice to see daughter and grandchildren and old friends.

Nice surprises in the mailbox.
Postcards from Helga ( Germany) and an atc from Jean (GB).

And a bad surprise too, we didn't have telephone and internet for three days, so I am behind with all the e-mail ;-)