08 October 2008

Home again

We are home again after a few weeks in the Netherlands. It was very nice to see daughter and grandchildren and old friends.

Nice surprises in the mailbox.
Postcards from Helga ( Germany) and an atc from Jean (GB).

And a bad surprise too, we didn't have telephone and internet for three days, so I am behind with all the e-mail ;-)


Tricks said...

Welcome home Ati, Glad that you enjoyed your special time with family and friends, it is so important to catch up sometimes.
We must catch up soon, 15th being the deadline for the RR. Getting excited now, how about you? Speak Soon Tricia

Genie said...

Glad you had a great holiday,
and that my ATC arrived safely
Cheers Jean

miekenoor said...

Welcome home! I'm curious what you think of the Netherlands after all this time you live abroad. Must be different I think. Did you see a lot overhere? Groetjes

Gerry said...

Glad you had a nice time. Welcome home. Your gifts are lovely.

cq4fun said...

Oh that must have been a terrible shock to come home to no internet. I get by fine without a phone, but I hate it when I'm without inet!