19 October 2008

TIF October challenge

This month the challenge is to think about your textile work space.
How do you feel about this space?
What role does it play in your life? Sharon's post is HERE.

My workroom usually is a mess. But I like it that way. I like to have everything around me and grab beads, laces and ribbons out of the boxes when I need that.
I am always happy to be in my workroom, that means: I have time for myself and I can do what I like, play around ( as I did today) or make blocks for round robins or internet friends.
Both very pleasant!
The floor is mostly a mess too. But the colors of treads which were on the floor this morning looked so cheerful to me that I thought to do something with them. Years ago I knitted pieces to make warm slippers. I never finished them. Now I have felted one piece with the embellisher and punched all the thread rests of the floor onto that. It made me smile :0)
On the table also little boxes with private gifts which I have got from friends and I don't use that on blocks which I send away. Now I have sewn those little things on this piece. A sewing machine button, given to me by my grandson, and items from friends.

I didn't use the colors from Sharon this month but the item about my work space.

This block is about 20cm. 8 inch square. So that it will fit in my fabricbook at the end of the year.



laplandyellow said...

heerlijk toch, zo,n eigen optrekje waar je de boel de boel kan laten!!!!

Doreen G said...

What a wonderful block Ati-I love it.

gaylenona said...

What a wonderful idea! I have been totally stumped by this month's challenge. Your interpetation is terrific.

Tanguera said...

Neat idea. It looks quite lovely.

Lisa said...

What a lovely and inpsiring work place you have! I love that you incorporated all the threads from the floor into your latest piece! I would be delighted to exchange ATCs with you!

Patricia said...

How ingenuous! That makes me smile too. I never would have thought to do something like this, but it is very appealing.


Karen said...

Your workroom looks like a wonderful place to be.

Pat Winter said...

Hi Ati, Your workroom looks great to me! Inviting, full of eye candy, and I will be on the next flight out :-)

Maureen said...

What a beautiful work room!! and a great idea for your block.

cq4fun said...

Ati, that's so creative! I love looking at it! Looking at the colors that were on your floor and comparing them to colors on mine was fun, too. I love reading about someone who works the way I do - kind of in a mess. And you aren't apologizing! I love that best of all. =)

Maddie Can Fly said...

I love that you have both traditional quilts and CQ blocks on the walls. I would love being surrounded by quilts like you are -- great space!

Charlene said...

Ati, obviously you don't know what a mess slooks like :-). Your workroom is lovely, I can see why such beatiful work comes from there. This new piece is so unique, creative, and personal. What talent you share! Thanks!

T said...

Just popped in quickly to see what you have been up to Ati. Gosh you have been busy. I love your bare landscape, and your stitching, and your violet.

Your colours are so happy and bright.

Julia said...

You have a wonderful workplace Ati,
The quilts on the wall are gorgeous!
I love that you used all the threads from the floor into your latest piece.....I would have not thought of that!
Hugs Julia