19 December 2008

nice things in the mail

The last days I have got very nice things in my mailbox.
First came a baggie from Jo which I won in the November lottery on Jo's blog. Many pieces of tatting to use in my work , sassa lynne threads, wired ribbons and one of Jo's beautiful cards!
Than the atc on the left, dark blue with the star from Jean Toms ( UK) it is in mixed media and much nicer in person than the photo!
The second atc on the left from Anne Lugherini ( France). Anne and I have traded a few atc's now and she always sent something nice. Anne doesn't have a blog.
The lovely embroidered bird is an other gift. I won this from Laurence's blog.
A while ago she offered this on her blog because of the blog anniversary.
As always you can click on the photo to enlarge.
Am I spoiled or not?
Yes, I think so :-))


Murgelchen94 said...

Hi, Ati, you won the beautiful bird, congradulation. All thing very nice. Nice people to get nice things.

Genie said...

Happy Christmas ATI
glad atc arrived safely.
congratualtions on winning the little bird and bag

Guzzisue said...

lovely pressies, Happy Christmas