31 July 2008


This block is made for Hideko. We are in a small group , the CQAW, and do a swapblock 4 times a year. The block is 6", 15 cm. Hideko's theme is Summer.
For me summer is: strawberries, flowers, insects and butterflies.
Hideko wrote to me that she likes the block :)

26 July 2008

TIF challenge July

Sharon wrote: The challenge this month is perhaps a bit obvious but I am going to ask …What is it to be at the half way mark?
For me three word lead to a mix of ideas. "Half", "Way" and "Mark" all lead off into interesting directions that can be represented in all sorts of ways. So that is the challenge for this month.

I couldn't do much with the challenge "half way". Yes, it is half way the year and time flies !

I choose the colors given by Sharon to make an 8 inch, 20 cm. block.

It will become the seventh page in my fabric book which I will make of all the challenge blocks at the end of this year.

17 July 2008

Norway gathering block

As you have seen earlier I have had guests from an internet group I am a member of.
We have stitched 4 days for a few hours on each others blocks like a mini RR.
The block were prepared by ourselves. 30 cm., 12 inch square.
On this block is work from Anne, Helinä , Margreet and me.
The past few days I have worked on it, I have changed a few tings and added beads , more seam treatments, sre and a button-trail.
I will add a border later, don't have time to do that now.
I think it is a very sunny, happy block and it represents the nice week we have had together.
If you like to see it large, you can click on the photo.

14 July 2008

DYB RR, block for Sharon Gr.

This is a RR block I have embellished for Sharon. We are together in a 'do your block' RR in the CQI group. Those blocks are 6", 15 cm. square.
Sharon has sewn 6 different blocks, we could pick one and do what we liked.
I hope that Sharon likes her block.
The blocks go in the mail tomorrow to the next person in this RR.

10 July 2008

Today I 've got this award from Susan and Tricia.
Thank you ladies, I am honoured :)
I will give my award to:
Annette, Julia, Jo, Maureen , Micki, Pat, and Hideko.
I have 7 now now, but could very easy do 20 more!
There are so many interesting blogs which I follow regular.
If you have the time you can choose 7 ladies and put them on your blog with the links.

08 July 2008


Yesterday it was our first day stitching together. We all had prepared a naked block and put threads and things to sew on in a zip-bag. Now we do a kind of RR.
We plan to stitch together a few hours every day and learn tips and tricks from each other.
After lunch everyone goes his own way and have holiday.
Helinä and Anne and their husbands will climb a mountain every day :) !
They have done two, already!!

Norway Gathering

In a little internet group were I am in the past year we decided to have a gathering. It should be at my place because the others in the group liked to come to Norway.
Last Sunday we had our first meeting, also the husbands were there. We had coffee outside, the weather was beautiful. The members are: Margreet from the Netherlands, Helinä from Finland, Anne from France and me. In this group are 16 active members.

02 July 2008

Swapblock "summer".

In the group CQforNewbies we do a season to season swap.
This is the last block what I had to embellish.
Above the block from Mary how it came in my house. We are supposed to embellish the half block before we send it away to our swap-hostes.
Below a photo of how the block looks now.
It is on its way to the States again.
I hope that Mary likes what I have done on her Summer block.