20 February 2009

bits and pieces

When the Japan quilt was finished there were only a few bits and pieces left from the Japanese fabrics which I got from Hideko last year in my sister baggies.
I made 2 postcards from the leftovers in the same style as the quilt is.
They are for sale on the exhibition in March in a village nearby.
Keep looking on this blog for more news in a few weeks.


Doreen G said...

Beautiful postcards Ati.

Kathy said...

Lovely postcards and very pretty stitching! Adorable fan in the corner.

Plays with Needles said...

What a great way to showcase that gorgeous fabric from Hideko. The wall hanging is also lovely Ati!

Miekenoor said...

How lovely, these "bits en pieces"

Alis said...

They are very beautiful Ati.

pineapple_ing said...

Dear Ati,
These cards are wonderful too! They will sell very quickly. I hope you will be well paid for them.
Waving to you across the big pond,
Hugs, ~ Ing

Cathy K said...

Ati, you did a beautiful job on the Touch of Japan wallhanging AND the postcards. I also love the quilties you've completed for Terry S's class. You've been "stitching up a storm"!! Exquisite and inspirational work! Hugs, Cathy

Simone said...

Hello Ati,
what lovely pieces you made just about the rest of fabric! I enjoy your wall-quilt very much, a stunning extraordinary artwork.
Happy stitching