19 February 2009

Wall-quilt finished

Do you remember the "Touch of Japan" blocks from the first week of January?
( just scroll down a bit)
Now the wall-quilt is finished, I gave it a beige/gold inner border and a anthracite ( dark grey) outer border and a few millimeters piping along the outside from the backing fabric.
Which is a feast on its own, I think.
I have hand quilted around the blocks and round the inner border.
The blocks are tied here and there.
The size is now 110x46 cm or 43x18 inch.
I am very happy with it, how it has turned out.
As always you can click on the photos to see them large.


laplandyellow said...

what a stylefull quilt it is!!!!

Murgelchen94 said...

Wonderful and the backing fabric is beautiful and the one millimeter.

Maureen said...

Ati this is absolutely Beautiful!!!

Lurline said...

I had clicked on the photo to see it larger, before you mentioned it, ati - it is really beautiful!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Doreen G said...

Beautiful Ati absolutely beautiful.

lindacreates said...

This is just gorgeous! Linda

Barbara B. said...

So a wonderful crazyquilt! Super!!!

pineapple_ing said...

Oh Ati, I'm so happy you used the Japan Ladies I gave you along with Miss Hideko's beautiful fabrics! You made a fantistic looking crazy quilt hanging with it together. You always create such beautiful works of art, but this one is just a tiny bit more... to me, LOL! :)
Love and Hugs van Ingrid in CALI.

Ira said...

Really beautiful work. Great quilt