29 March 2009

Meg's RR-block

Here is my work on Meg's RR-block from the CQI group.
Meg asked for geometric and flower shapes.
She will only have blue's, greens and gold on this block.
I have added off-white roses too ( sorry Meg ;-) because the fabric has also some light grey/off-white in it.
When it comes home she will make it in a clutch purse.
The block is rectangle.

27 March 2009

Fabric book page

This is a fabric book page which I have made for Cobi in the Netherlands.
It is felted wool and raw silk.
Cobi asked for pages made with the idea of a haiku ( Japanese poem)
I have asked my SIL to make a haiku about the sea and so she did.
My SIL, Tiny Sas-Gerritsen write also poems, she is very good :)

I will give it a try to translate it in English, of course the 5-7-5 syllables won't work then , but you know the text.

The force of the breakers
are rolling out in fans
with foam and shells.

At the same time Wilma in The Netherlands was making a page for me, my theme is a cottage garden. Wilma did a very nice job making a fabric book page for me!
We swap a bookpage every month in the Fibre Fever group.
All the pages are 15cm, 6 inch square.

23 March 2009

Crazy Cottage Garden book

This is a fabric book made from swap blocks which are made by members of the Yahoo group: Crazy quilters around the world. We did a four block swap last year and a DYB-rr. My theme was for both: a cottage garden. Now I have made the 10 blocks into a book. You can see all the pages HERE. The pages are 6 inch, 15 cm.

17 March 2009

Last Saturday afternoon....

Saturday afternoon we opened the exhibition of my crazy quilts, a few sane quilts and the textile collages I made lately.
It was very nice with a speech and music from an ensemble of the music school, 5 violins and a piano. The played an Hungarian dance from Brahms.
I got a flowers from an internet friend, how very nice, thank you again Marit!
Unfortunately I haven't been there since because I am ill with the flue ( influenza).
I hope I can be there on Saturday again. In the meantime I sew some CQ postcards......

13 March 2009

in yesterdays newspaper...

This was in yesterdays newspaper. An article and an advertisement.
I have scanned it large, so when you can read Norwegian you can read it when you click on the photo.
For the English readers , the header says: it is a premiere in Norway, the name of the building is called Gamle banken, the old bank.

11 March 2009

exhibition is ready

Today DH an I hung up my quilts in a so called 'culture house' in a little town nearby.
Most of my works from the last years are on a exhibition now.
Here are a few photos from my "sane" quilts.
The CQ quilts which I made the last three years are also on the walls.
The official start is on saturday at 13.00. Some of the quilts are for sale.

04 March 2009

Helinä's DYB-rr block

Helinä sewed 6 blocks in the colors of the painting on the photo above.
The painting is made by a Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela ( 1884).
It was her idea to get a CQ quilt in this misty atmosphere.
I didn't find it easy. It would have been much easier for me to get paint and a brush.
After all this must become CQ !
I have embellished this block as good as I could and I hope she likes it, the size is 15 cm square, 6 inch.
If Helinä doesn't like the black cat it is very easy to chase him away :)
The painter didn't see him in the high grass but I did. LOL

02 March 2009

Fabric collage: Bloom.

This fabric collage is the result of lesson 4 of Terri Stegmiller's online class.
The flower vase is hand-painted, there is machine-and hand-stitching.
This is my own design. The size is 14x19 inch. 36x48 cm.

Indian summer

For ' Today's title is...' blog the word this week is:

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Indian Summer.

This photo has that feeling for me.

Hazy late summer days and the seeds ripe.