27 March 2009

Fabric book page

This is a fabric book page which I have made for Cobi in the Netherlands.
It is felted wool and raw silk.
Cobi asked for pages made with the idea of a haiku ( Japanese poem)
I have asked my SIL to make a haiku about the sea and so she did.
My SIL, Tiny Sas-Gerritsen write also poems, she is very good :)

I will give it a try to translate it in English, of course the 5-7-5 syllables won't work then , but you know the text.

The force of the breakers
are rolling out in fans
with foam and shells.

At the same time Wilma in The Netherlands was making a page for me, my theme is a cottage garden. Wilma did a very nice job making a fabric book page for me!
We swap a bookpage every month in the Fibre Fever group.
All the pages are 15cm, 6 inch square.


Laurence said...

Very beautiful page.

Nina In Norway said...

They are so nice. You'll end up with a huge book of nice pages. I love the one made by felted wool and raw silk you made for Cobi. It reminds med of a stawl along the beach a warm summer night.

Murgelchen94 said...

Hi Ati, both pages are wonderful.


Alis said...

Ati, I love everything about this post.
The page you received is lovely, the beehives are great.

The Haiku is perfect but my favourite thing is the page you made.
So beautiful and gives the feel of the beach wonderfully.

Sharon said...

I love both pages. also the haiku was very nice. Sharon

Micki said...

These pages are so lovely. I especially love the one you did for Cobi.

Lurline said...

Just gorgeous and so creative!
Hugs - Lurline♥

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Ati, OH, WOW I love your wool felted book page. Truly beautiful. Your Garden page is also very pretty. Lovely swap. Hugs Judy

Maureen said...

Love your beach page and the garden one, will you add that to your book.

ewa-christine said...

I agree with all the others. GREAT